Relationships are those delicate threads that hold us together and give us a profound sense of belonging. Our existence is a product of our desire to associate with other human beings. We thrive as a part of a community but wither away in solitude. This need for compassion and to be loved by others gave birth to the concept of families.

We all depend on our loved ones to fulfill our emotional needs and this is what makes the bond between family members grow stronger. But being relatives is not enough; family is a seed that needs constant nurturing and care. Feelings like love, trust and camaraderie makes family a very special unit.

Having discussed why family is so important to all of us, let’s look at how we can successfully maintain our family ties.


Patience: An important ingredient to maintain family relations is to possess the virtue of patience. Lot of people underestimate the value of this quality but patience is an effective tool in maintaining peaceful and loving relationships between family members. The art of listening to another and resolving issues with composure will lead to trust and long lasting friendship between people.

Anger Management: Sometimes it’s easy to loose your temper when faced with difficult situations and usually family members endure the brunt of this anger. But rather than judging the person and confronting them, it is better to give them space and time to come out of their sullen mood. After the person has calmed down, speak with them and ask them what the problem is. A calm mind will always be able to see reason clearly and make sound judgements.

Realistic Expectations: Most often we become embittered or cynical in relationships because our expectations are not fulfilled. We should remember that we are all human and we can’t always live up to other peoples’ hopes. Hence, each one us should keep realistic expectations from one another. It is always better to communicate honestly with each other and express your feelings, sometimes your relatives maybe clueless of what you anticipate from them. An open and honest relationship always breeds faith in people.

 Respect: One of the most winning traits in a relationship is giving respect to each other. We tend to understate the scope of respect and think it’s only reserved for the elderly. But this is not true; respect is a feeling that should be mutually shared by every family member, whether old or young.


Q. How can I deal with a family member that doesn’t understand my point of view?

Clear communication is the best way to approach a problem. An open dialogue will help you clear the air.

Q. My younger child feels that his older sibling gets more attention from me, how can I change his perceptions?
Sibling rivalry is an age old challenge that parents often have to deal with. The most important thing is to constantly offer your child a sense of security and show him that this feelings count too.

Q. My husband doesn’t tend to pay heed to my emotional needs, how can make him understand?
First try winning his confidence by being there for him when he needs you and then slowly get him to reciprocate the same back to you.

Q. My father loses his temper too quickly, this has hampered our family life, how can I get him to stop?
Approach him when he is calm and share with him how you feel when he is angry, make him see how it is negatively affecting your family life. Advise him that for everyone’s betterment, he should control his anger and resolve problems by sharing it with his family members.


A strong family is the foundation of a well balanced society and each of us play our part in building this social order.

A family is a precious entity. It defines who we are and shapes our character. Always love your family unconditionally because it is the root of your existence.

“When everything goes to hell, the people who stand by you without flinching — they are your family. ”
Jim Butcher