Women are meant for multi-tasking; they are versatile and are creative in nature. They are more communicative than men, understanding and adjusting to the people and the circumstances.

They are effective in bringing a consensus on a given topic and are good in taking work from people.

If you want to manage your team effectively, you may make a note of the following common tips:


Get to Know Your Team: In the, “Undercover Boss, America”, I had time and again noticed that the CEO (who is the Undercover Boss of the company) strives hard to get to know his staff fairly well. He asks a lot of questions about the personal life of his people; he understands their stress, anxieties, financial strains and family details. By the end of it all, he helps the deserving staff in one wonderful way or the other.

Get to know your team well. A birthday present, a morning greeting by name, a film ticket for his family once in a while, a dinner arrangement with his family occasionally, a bouquet on their anniversary etc. shall endear you to your team. Your team will understand that you really care for their well-being.

Walk with your Team: A leader walks with her team, whereas a boss walks before her team. Be with your team and be available for them. Be a team player yourself, so that your team will follow suit.

Be a Role Model: Be punctual at work, so that your team will understand the value of time. Be open to suggestions, so that your team will understand the value of dialogues. Be kind to the people, so that your team will share your kindness with the others. Be a role model to your team!

Have a role model for yourself. There are so many woman leaders who have reached their zenith in public life, business, politics, communications etc. Be impressed by a role model to draw a constant inspiration from her.

Appreciate your team: People would love to get appreciated: wouldn’t you?

Even if there is a small improvement at work because of some one, appreciate them. Appreciate the appearance, the timely help by someone, the late sitting of your team member to complete a project, the combined effort of an enthusiastic group of people despite long hours; the sharing of the files and folders, the repair of the Xerox machine, the passing of a cup of coffee and the efforts of your team despite failures; just appreciate them.

A sincere appreciation can get your work done much faster than the monetary compensation you might offer to your team.

Criticize your team member when alone: Appreciation should be done in front of the others, whereas even a constructive criticism should be made when you are alone with the team member. Show respect to someone’s self-respect and dignity. Do not hurt or humiliate people ever!

Be knowledgeable: Be well-prepared and be knowledgeable not only about your part of the work, but also about your team’s responsibilities. It will help you in understanding the efforts put in by them and accepting their faults as and when it happens. If you know the reality, you wouldn’t expect miracles without proper preparation and help to your team.

Train your Team: Training your team from time to time according to their requirement on the job and on the soft skills shall help you tremendously in getting the work done effortlessly from them. Providing training to your people is an investment on their potential.

Keep the Communication Channel Open: Always initiate dialogue and discussion on the topics of your day to day affairs. Listen to your team and listen carefully to their words. Make them to understand that you care for them. Help wherever you possibly can. Encourage their positivity by being a true leader.


I am a manager in a big corporate and I have a lot of people reporting to me, directly or indirectly; the issue is that I am unable to make them to get excited about their jobs. They work with a bored resignation on their jobs and it hurts me. I just want them to feel passionate about their work and I want them to enjoy working with me. What can I do?

Have you read the book, “Fish?” Every one should read it. It is an amazing book of a mere 112 pages with a power packed and joyful description of the Seattle’s Pike Place Fish Market.

It is the Alchemist of the Work place Story on how to boost the morale and on how to improve on the productivity of the office staff.

It is not necessarily your fault that your people are not happy with their job. However, you could always help them to start enjoying their work.

You could read the book and devise your own ways and means of bringing in the positive changes in your office atmosphere.


Women are naturally positive and can motivate people to do work and work effectively towards any set target. They are born Managers and can efficiently do Multitasking.

“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.”

John C. Maxwell quotes

So, be a leader, know the way, go the way and show the way to your team!