Do you watch the animation films? Have you ever wondered how we get engrossed with the characters in such films whether they speak, cry, laugh and even sleep with all their hearts? I especially love Robin Williams for his energetic, enthusiastic and amazingly animated background voice. You see, there’s something wonderful in getting into the soul of the character and speaks through it to you! That’s what he does and that’s what you should do too while you are reading the written words.

When you’ll become the character itself, then all the emotions shall start coming out of your voice automatically. You give life to the characters in the book(s) and you can see the crowd getting mesmerized with you. If you laugh, they laugh and if would crease your forehead and they would do that too!

The following are some of the tips to bring in and improve on the art of reciting books with an amazing voice modulation:


Recite with conviction: We read books to our children and we automatically make noises according to the characters in the book, whether it is a tiger, lion or a bird. We change our voices unconsciously to suit the characters when we read stories to our children. In the same way, when you would recite the written words with a complete conviction, then the listeners will hang on to your words and will totally be focused on you.

Preparation: Preparation is always the best thing to do. Before the actual recitation, you should prepare in advance, read the book a few times, no need to memorize the details, but just read, so that you will know the grammar areas, the emotional areas and the areas where you should go slow, or take a breather; a special emphasis should be given to the correct pronunciation of the words too.

Voice pitch and volume: It is imperative that you should give importance to your voice pitch and the volume; ban your personal emotions in the real life and become a part and parcel of the book you are going to recite to your audience.

Slow and steady recital: You should recite the book slowly, without mumbling, so that the audience will capture the picture of the book through your voice. Rushing into the completion with nervousness shall never help you.

 Record your voice to listen: If possible, before the actual recitation, audio or
video record your voice while reading the book and listen to it carefully for pitfalls. Nobody is perfect and you will be surprised to find a lot of areas for improvement.

Well, improve on them.

Dress and posture: Well dressed with a good
posture, eye contact with the audience, relaxed body movement and self confidence shall help in deporting you to the pages of the book to recite as is required.

Dress carefully: However, make a note that the attire should be free around your vocal chords so as not to disturb while you are making your recitation.

Maintain Hygiene: It is also highly important that you maintain your vocal, chest and nasal hygiene, so that your voice will come across well modulated, while you are on the job.

Flow with words: You don’t need to do anything extraordinary; just flow with the words, sentences, paragraph and the pages. The audience will sway with you, will focus on you and will appreciate you.


Q. I always struggle with the stage fright despite being well prepared on the contents. It becomes difficult for me to recite comfortably while on the stage. How to overcome the stage fear?

Even the seasoned speakers feel butterflies in their stomach when they mount on the stage and there is absolutely nothing wrong in feeling the stage fright. You may try the following:

  1. Practice, practice and practice some more,  in front of the mirror, in front of your family and friends and in front of anyone trustworthy who is willing to listen to you.
  2. Do not loose any chance of talking in front of a group, known or unknown, give presentations in the college and at work.
  3. Put on a big smile and think positively of your recitation. Visualize that people will really enjoy having you on stage reciting from the book and loving it!
  4. You can do it!

Q  Can voice modulation be useful in my professional sphere?

Voice modulation is an extremely important skill for those whose work is frequented by presentations and speeches. It is vital to hold the attention of your audience for a long duration, and voice modulation makes you effective.


The amazing voice modulation shall only be possible if you would become a part of the scenery, a part of the book and you if would get into the soul of the character itself.

Wouldn’t it be so amazing to listen to a well modulated voice which would leave a lasting effect like Ben Jonson said

“The voice so sweet, the words so fair, as some soft chime had stroked the air; And though the sound had parted thence, still left an echo in the sense.”