Pets make your heart beat easier: even if no body loves you, even if you don’t love yourself, your pet will love you unconditionally and will prove it a hundred times a day by showering his wet kisses on all over your face! Pets are the best medicine for the pet owners: research shows that even touching and hugging your pet calms you down and reduces your blood pressure!

Role of a pet in our lives is very important.

Here are tips on why having a pet are helpful for humans


Having a pet makes your mind work easier:when you enter your home, back from a tiring day, your pet is awaiting your arrival, with the wagging of tail and with a broad smile on his face. What a welcome party to some one so damn tired due to mental stress and physical tiredness? Sometimes, even when you loose cool due to some reason and gets annoyed with your pet, he still remains loyal to you and be a comfort factor for you all through his life.

Having a pet makes your life easier: pets are amazingly helpful in case of blindness, in case of depression, in case of your feeling of insecure and unsafe due to one reason or the other; it is also helpful for deaf people.

Being used in the domestic abuse centres: The pets are being used in the domestic abuse centres for women and children all over the world. The pets are being used in the hospitals to bring sunshine of smiles on the faces of the elderly, women and the young patients. Pets also ease the fear and pain of surgery and multiple medications. For the children with autism and for women suffering from body numbing diseases, the pets are the direct Gift from the God.

Pets have a way of working with your heart: they just lie down next to you as a comfort factor buster in your illness, depression, loneliness and anger; they become your hugging factor in your happiness. They know with their innate ability your need of mental and physical support.

Exercise : Pets help you to do a compulsory exercise as you need to walk with them, at least a couple of times a day! By walking with your pet, you are introduced to the wonderful world of kids and to the other women walkers. The children, being adorably curious, generally are attracted to your pets and in the process you get to know them and their parents or guardians. In a short period of one month, you may get to know more people while walking with a pet, than you get to know people in six months of walking alone.

Learning : Broomfield library even employs a service dog (named Sassy) in the children’s section to make reading fun and easier for the children. The children even read out their books to the service dog; this makes it easier for them to open up in front of the others. Their mothers get happier and

relaxed along with their children.

Companions : Dogs are the constant companions of many epileptic women; the pets know with their sixth sense before the occurrence of the epileptic attack by barking constantly to make the patient to sit or lie down to face the seizures.

Healing : Apart from the dogs, the other animals, like cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, parrots, goats, horses, ferrets, birds and chicken too help in the healing of human beings; the pet for therapy program uses the benefits of the pets to heal people mentally and physically and to help them to take care of their day to day situations, including the domestic abuse cases of women.


Q. I loved my dog very much; he had helped me through a lot of tears and heart breaks; rather most of my tears during my divorce have been witnessed only by him and he stood by me, even compared to my parents. However, I had lost him to sickness and old age. I don’t have the heart to get another pet now; however I try to get one. I don’t want to loose another pet ever!

People do loose some one close to them at least some time in their lives; it does not mean that they should stop living. Life goes on and a pet will help you in many ways to take care of the ups and downs in your life, as has very clearly been acknowledged by you.

You should accept this simple fact and should acquire a new pet to enjoy the happiness and the companionship only a pet can give you. You should get another pet; the earlier, the better!


Take care of your pets; acknowledge their love and affection. Take them for regular check-ups. Feed them nutritional food. Take them for a long walk. Some pets love outdoors a lot.

Finally, don’t ever take your pets for granted; it’s the easiest thing to do so. Just remember there is that one friend who would be there for you despite the fact whether you are rich or poor, happy or depressed, single or married and love or hate yourself. The pets love you forever and more!