“You can tell a lot from a person’s nails.”

Ian McEwan, Saturday

Beautification does not happen on chipped, dry or brittle nails. Finger and Feet nails should be maintained in a proper way so that the nails can be decorated for your personal joy and for display to the others on the festivities, parties or just for fun.

Basics of Nail Management:

Regular Manicures: Getting regular manicures, helps in removing dead skin around the nails. nourishes your hands and soften them.

Cleaning and Moisturizing: Clean the nails regularly; massage and moisturize them properly.

Remove the stains on your nails: soaking your nails in a cup of lemon water shall help greatly.

Breathing Time: Give your nails a breathing time in between your nail polish and nail arts etc.

 Trimming of your nails: Your nails should be trimmed in a straight line and not in a circular fashion which may not be good for them; always use cuticle softener to remove undesired cuticles. Do not use the harsh nail cutters, scissors, steel files or any other sharp instruments to cut your nails.

Don’t bite your nails: Remember your Mom used to say not to bite your nails when you were young? It’s true. Biting your nails is quite unhygienic and should be avoided at any cost.

rotect your hands: Wear rubber gloves when you are doing your household work; this will keep your hands soft and save them from the harsh detergents, chemicals and the constant usage in the water. This will also save your cuticles from getting rough and from developing minor cracks.

 Nail Beautification:

Hand and feet nail beautification is nothing but the application of the nail art to your natural nails and or artificial nails (like sculptured nails, gel nails and nail wrapping); it also involves manicure and pedicure. If you will be indulging in nail art yourself, be aware of the basics of hygiene and the maintenance of your nails.

 Variety in Nail Arts: The preference for nail art differs from woman to woman. It depends on her desire for pattern, floral, dried flowers, precious stones, geometrics, glitters and shimmers, line arts, art scenes, riot of colours, may just be a couple of colours etc. As many woman in the world, there are as many preferences for the nail art! You may either use the nail art on your natural nails or on talons (nail enhancements).

Nail Paints: Nail paints are available in all hues and shades. It’s for you to choose soft, neutral, flashy,shinny or shimmering colours for your nails. You may choose flashy and shimmering colours for the parties and for the festival seasons. Before starting the actual painting, you should make sure that the surface of your nail is clean and devoid of dirt or creams. Always use good quality nail paints.

How to create the nail art:  Coat a basic colour of your choice and create the design on top of it with contrasting colours. You may incorporate your design with animal or floral patterns, dried flowers or gemstones etc. Always allow some time between your coats for the paint to get dried out. Square off your design with a sealant coat.

Uneven nails: Now, if you have chipped or brittle nails, you can use the nail extensions and can implement the nail art on them. Gel can be used on your nails, if the acrylic paint is not suitable for you.

The only combination that’s required for the “Do it yourself” nail art is your nails and your imagination!

Nail Technician: You may even take the help of the nail technician or nail artist on the first few times of nail art; it would be advisable to let them paint your nails. You may observe and learn the art.

Dental Beautification :

Smiling is infectious,

You can catch it like the flu.

Someone smiled at me today,

And I started smiling too.

–      Author Unknown

Dental Beautification is nothing but the art of smile beautification. The set of 32 pearls in the mouth and the enchanting smile of a woman do come with a cost; for some it could be God’s blessing, but for most of the others, the dental professionals take care of them.

Dental Cosmetologist: The real beautification of the teeth is being taken care of by the dental cosmetologist, who manages the teeth’s form and appearance. The final destination of the “dental beautification is to have an amazing and dazzling smile”.

Dental beautification or “Smile Makeover” can be achieved by undergoing one or more of the following treatments as per your requirements:

Reshaping of the tooth: It helps to correct the chip, length and shape of the tooth(s), so that you can have uniformly beautiful teeth.

 Dental Whitening: Whitening is the basis of dental beautification. You can not beautify the teeth that are discoloured or stained: bleaching, power bleaching, laser treatment and using gels are some of the methods by which the dentists shall help you on this.

Dental Veneers: What the bleaching can’t do for your teeth, veneers can! Bleaching reduces the teeth stains to a large extent; however, the stains which can not be removed completely can be taken care of by the application of veneers that cover the surface of the stains.

Veneer is also used to change the shape of a tooth, cover a minor misalignment, bridge gaps between the front teeth and mends cracks and chips, malformations of the teeth.

Dental bridges and Implants: Dental bridges are the artificial teeth that fill in the area of the missed teeth, to bring in a proper alignment to your teeth.

Gum lift: Gum lift helps in raising and sculpturing the gum line in order to help in the forming of a uniform teeth structure.

Dental Gems and Tatoos: Dental jewellery and beatification is the latest craze in many countries.Its a great way to give dazzle to your million dollar smile.

Well, it is an

Extreme Makeover, Dental Edition: all the efforts to make your smile picture perfect, dazzling, and attractive and to give you the self confidence which you deserve.


Q. What should be the frequency of my manicure and pedicure?

Manicure should be done about every 2 to 3 weeks, as your hands handle on a lot of work and needs care often enough. Pedicure should be taken about once in a month, as feet is comparatively safer from abuse than the hands.

Q. How do you restore the natural color of your nails?

Discolored and misshaped nails can be a indicator of various medical conditions. Get your nails checked from a physician to rule out the possibility of a fungal infection. Use a soft bristle nailbrush to clean your nails.You can also use cotton dipped in lemon essential oil on nails to brighten them.Always use good quality base coat under your nail polish. Avoid using bright red, black or any other dark or very bright shade too often as they stain our nails more than light shades. Refrain from applying polish all the time.It deprives nails from oxygen which is needed to maintain its natural color.


Generally people neglect their feet and their denture. They are often noticed when you speak, when you keep your hands on the table or when you write or type etc. Hence, maintenance of teeth and nails are quite important for a woman.