“Managing your emotions is an inside job. That’s why it’s important to learn techniques to make attitude . You can then direct your emotions more efficiently. Happiness comes through emotions qualified by the heart”.

  • Doc Childre and Howard Martin. Wonderful, isn’t it?

You can scale the highest mountains, dip into the deepest oceans, can travel towards the farthest distance and can even locate the God Particle! But still, it is difficult to control one’s own inner mechanism.

Most people flare up like the heads of the match sticks: a bit of an emotional fracture, they go all out to get the others. The regular tussle in the family, scuffle among friends and colleagues, road rage and frowning faces all over the place are some samples of our emotionally vulnerable minds and the wounded thought process.

It hurts to see people getting hurt like this! It of course, is not easy to control the mind and emotions. If it can be done, we don’t need spiritual leaders and millions of inspirational literature to guide us through the life.

Well, it’s not that difficult either! The following are some of the tips that could help you to calm down the mind and the emotions. It also may help you in dealing with people and the situations with more maturity and understanding:


Spilt Milk: The worst form of an emotional imbalance happens when we cry over the spilt milk time and again. Something bad happens and we get hurt badly. When we think about it time and again, our hurt remains intact. It just doesn’t go away. In that case, we need to take help from the outside. The help could be in the form of counseling from a qualified doctor, or it could be in the form of confiding with a trustworthy person.

Regrets: Exorcise the “Regret Ghosts” from the mind. We all regret about having done something wrong or having not done something at all, which could have been a step stone to our relationship, career or our future.  We should firmly understand that regrets wouldn’t bring back what we had not done or done so wrongly. Whatever has happened has happened in the past and we should move on with the present now.

EFT: There is a wonderful method of healing called as the “Emotional Freedom Technique” which works nicely without side-effects, as per the website. EFT is a form of emotional healing simply by tapping on selected points on your upper body. EFT heals and comforts the mind, emotions and the body.

Forgiveness: Forgiving people who has hurt you is another way of healing your inner engineering. Forgiving others set you free from their mental bonding. If you think of someone means you are in some way bonded to that someone isn’t it?

Like Oscar Wilde said,

“Always forgive your enemies – nothing annoys them so much.”

PPT: We all have heard of the “power of positive thinking”. Positive thinking can eliminate all the uncertainties and the negativism out of our minds. Think good, think positive and think right!

Just Relax: Getting into a regular habit of doing visualization, meditation, yoga, pranayam (deep breathing) and other relaxation techniques shall work a long way in healing, repairing and managing your mind and emotional well being.

Positive Words: When you are upset about something, which happen to us all, start writing the positive words like healing, amazing, spectacular, wonderful, astounding, relaxing, love, hugs etc for ten minutes. You see, the positive words have a way with our minds. It works for me.

Listen to soft music. There is something wonderful about listening to the soft music, listening to the raindrops, breathing in on the fresh earth when the first few thousands drops fall on them, thinking about wonderful things that has happened to you in the past, appreciation from someone, heartfelt thanks from someone else….managing the inner being is not so tough as it feels sometimes.


Q Its easy for me to be in a bad mood. How can I manage my mood swings

There are lot of things that follow mood swings like irritability, restlessness,depression, fatigue and insomnia. Try and understand the triggers of your bad mood. Stay away from those triggers. Eat and sleep well, do meditation, do breathing exercise, stay with happy and positive people.

Q I break up easily into tears. How can I become stronger and manage my emotional health.

Its ok to cry sometimes, but not always. Crying too much is certainly not healthy. It means the source of problem is coming from within. Stay confident and don’t let your emotional side control each and every situation. Believing in yourself will help you from emotional outburst. Act fearless. Live in now. Don’t worry for future. Always think positive and stay optimistic. Learn from your past mistakes and try not to repeat them.
“When the world says, ‘Give up,’ Hope whispers, ‘Try it one more time.’”


We all have come a long way in life, crossing so many hurdles, hurts and unwanted happenings. We are still alive and are doing fine. You see, the mind has ways and means of healing on its own. We just need to help it to heal us faster.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to think like Oscar Wilde?

“I don’t want to be at the mercy of my emotions. I want to use them, to enjoy them, and to dominate them.”

So be it!