Who else can describe a computer better than Bill Gates?

“I think it’s fair to say that personal computers have become the most empowering tool we’ve ever created. They’re tools of communication, they’re tools of creativity, and they can be shaped by their user.”

– Bill Gates

Computers can be used in so many million ways today; it’s rather made for today’s woman!

Computer knowledge not only gives a fresh boost to your regular career, but also is useful in many other ways for you. It is needless to mention that knowledge of computers is a must not only for working women but also for homemaker.

A few common tips on the other ways and means by which you may make use of the computers in your daily life:


Work from Home: If you are a young mom, if you are taking care of a senior, if you are suffering from ill-health; whatever the reason may be, if you want to earn money working from home, you can do so today with the help of the computer and the internet.

You may run a small business from home and can draft a business plan, maintain the database of the contacts, send the intro letters to clients, keep track of your business, bill your clients and maintain the other business details in your system.

You may become a writer, a copywriter and can even write your books or blogs from home.

You may share your expertise on various things on the net, can become a Virtual Assistant, Data base Manager, an E-Store Owner, an abstract painter and more.

Connect with the World: A computer and an internet can connect you to more people in the world than ever before. You can easily get connected with your old school friends whom you have lost touch with otherwise. through the social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Stumble Upon, Google+, Orkut, CafeMom, myLife and others.

Social networking has become kind of a mass addiction and does not require much of computer knowledge for being handled.

You may post your thoughts, participate in the comments, and make friends with some one from the other corner of the world.

By browsing through the various posts and pictures, you may smile a bit, you may laugh a bit and you may feel happy despite of your immediate problems and circumstances

Search for Multitudes of Things: I am a Google person; for the biggest of big things and for the smallest of small things I Google around and Google about regularly.

You may Google around for anything; buy a surprise gift for your husband, order your fashion accessories from an E-shopping network, learn how to make your child’s paper plane, take tips to keep your closet clean, for flower arrangement, keep in touch with your financial status through your banking website, pay your bills, recharge your prepaid mobile phone, well, you choose your requirements, go ahead and find it all on the Mother net!

Videos and Chats :There is no reason to be upset with your son or daughter staying away. You can keep in touch with them on a routine basis; see them or speak to them through Skype and Gtalk, contact them through email or by the other means of chat programs; get in touch with them through social networking sites and more. Installing these can be done quickly and without any hassle.

 Learn something new: You may learn a new language, get tips from the ‘how to’ websites on various and sundry things, enrol into a program of spiritual and mental well-being, practice meditation with the soft music from the music sites, get into the ‘all possible’ mode through the inspirational sites. You can achieve more things working through computers today than had ever before!

Use of computer in other ways: You can make Excel spreadsheet or Google Docs which helps you maintain records of countless things such as your child’s school assessment time table, your major expenses for the month, and lists of various other necessary details.

You may upload your photos and important files to theGoogle Driveor to any safe website for back-up and safe-keeping. You may download the applications of your choice.You can help your children with some innovative school projects as well.

Surprise: Did your husband invite his boss to dinner? Surprise him with a variety of gourmet dishes. Countless recipes are just a click away. Whether it is Thai soup or Indian kebab, Chinese fried rice or Mexican Chicken, salads, puddings or mocktails, you can choose to prepare any mouth-watering dish by the recipe from the internet.

Finally, Just Relax: Choose and watch an entertaining series from the Youtube, watch a film, listen to music from the internet radio and simply relax!


Q I have started working from home as I need to take care of my young children. I mainly work on the office suit and accounting software. It’s easy enough. However, I really don’t know how to maintain my system. I am afraid of my system crashing out some day and getting my work disturbed. Give me suggestions on maintenance of my system.

Your operating system has come packed up with the Disk Tools; use them regularly to avoid errors and fragmentation on the disk and do back ups of your hard disk regularly

Clean your system Registry with Registry Cleaner software from time to time. A damaged or corrupt registry may result in the crashing of your system.

Clean cookies; delete history and other unwanted and junk files regularly. Use a Cleaner program for this purpose.

Install an anti-virus and anti spyware program on your hard disk for day to day check and cleaning.

On the external front, do not keep anything on or near your system. Do not spill your coffee, tea or snacks on your system. Keep your system dust free and clean. Keep away from very young children.

Q Is credit card necessary to shop online?

Credit cards are mostly accepted for online shopping but there is no need to be bogged down if you do not have one. You can purchase the same goods by using your debit card. Many e-commerce sites now have option of ‘Cash on Delivery,’ which is very convenient.


Computers can give you wings and propel you into the air of freedom, financial security, getting connected with the people who matters, making friends with the new ones, learning new things, visiting to the new worlds and more!

Did you know – it was a woman, who is often referred to as the first computer programmer? No, I’m not going to tell how or when she did it. If you want to know about her then type ‘Countess Ada Lovelace’ and click search!