“Housekeeping is like being caught in a revolving door”A good home must be made, not bought
– Marcelene Cox.

Housekeeping in general terms, indicates the need for the house to be kept in a pleasantly functional form,including dusting, cleaning, washing, organizing, decorating, maintenance and repairs, payment of the bills and shopping; well,

it is a never ending, repetitive and thankless job on the one hand, and full of love for the family and completely dedicated job on the other hand!

Even the God Particle may not be able to find a suitable and all powerful solution for a pleasant home all the time!

There are TV showsdedicated magazines, news paper columns, and books that talk specifically about housekeeping all over the place. There are numerous house keeping courses and at any point of time, you may discuss housekeeping with your friends and family.

Just a few tips to make the housekeeping easier and not to feel like, “being caught in revolving doors”


  • Clean your house in anyway: You can spring clean your house, speed clean your house, maintenance clean your house, clean your house or slow clean your house; just clean your house. That is the basis of housekeeping!

Schedule Dusting: Apart from the regular dusting, a scheduled dusting should be done on the photo frames, ceilings and fans, air conditioners and other electrical and electronics devices, inside the furniture, doors and windows including the window sills, carpets etc. Rather you should clean such things which you see on a      routine basis but don’t clean on a routine basis.

Young children at home: If you have young children at home, plug in all the plug points all over your house.

Learn to switch off: When not in use, switch off all the fans, lights, electrical appliances, mobile chargers, laptop   chargers and stuff like.

On Finances: Budget your expenses and do your shopping on the discount days in the departmental stores. Avoid  shopping in bits and pieces in the local shops, except on emergency.

 Salt, the Star: While on finances, make your salt a bit of a star. It helps you in so many ways. Add some common salt in the water before you start mopping your home; salt has got the ability to observe negative and low energy from your house, leaving the energy fresh and positive. The ordinary salt can also be used to remove grease from pot and pan, from on top of the gas stove, to remove rust and wine stains, to remove tea or coffee stains from the glass and more.

To save time: To save time, you can even order your requirements on the net and use the door step services of Housekeeping is like being caught in a revolving doorthe e-shopping websites; if you could compare the site prices, you will discover the best site that gives you better discounts, refunds and door delivery services.

Leftover Food: Learn to make unique recipes with your leftover food, so that you save your budget by not wasting your food, but also serve your family with good, healthy alternatives.

Get yourself organized. There should be a difference between the bedroom, kids’ room, dinning room, laundry and kitchen etc. So many times, the toys are scattered around in the reception, people have their bed-fast in their bedroom and not breakfast; sometimes, pillows can be seen outside the bedroom and vegetables are being cut in the balcony etc. When there is a proper place for proper things in a proper room, the things should be kept accordingly.

Organizing Schedule: Instead of trying to do everything everyday, it’s better to draw up a schedule on organizing your  home, ex: Wednesday, your kids’ rooms, Thursday your garage etc. and stick to the schedule like a stamp on an envelope.

Clean the refrigerator: The refrigerator should be cleaned out on a routine basis. The food should not be kept for a long time; either eat it or throw it. Minimize the waste of food at all times.

Give away to charity: Once in six months or once in a year at least, the house should be thoroughly checked for unwanted clothes and stuff, and should be given away to charity or in donations. It shall remove your unwanted clutter and shall also be useful to other less fortunate people

Prevent pests and bugs: Draw up an annual contract with a pest solution company in order to prevent or minimalize the entry and existence of the pests and bugs in the house.

Demand for Help: There is nothing wrong in asking for help from your family, as you have graduated in your household management simply for them!


Q . I am a working woman and I don’t find time to do the cleaning all over the house on a regular routine Housekeepingbasis. What should I do?

Schedule your cleaning routine on a daily, weekly, bi-monthly and monthly basis according to your convenience and strictly adhere to it. Take pride in the completion of your tasks and feel the achievement in your bones. Pride in any task shall help you to complete the task effectively.

Q . I like to keep my house clean. But find it very boring to do it myself on daily basis. How can I make this process interesting and convenient?

You can make it enjoyable by cleaning with someone, maybe your kids. You can put on some of your favourite music and clean while singing and dancing. You can tie up with cleaning agencies to do major cleaning once in a while to make things easier for you. You have to realise that it is important for you and your family’s health to keep the surrounding’s clean. Clean and organised house makes the day to day tasks smooth.


Housekeeping, like weather, is the universal language that can be spoken, written and discussed anywhere in the world.

Being a smart housekeeper is not a rocket science and almost all the women learns it very quickly.

A good home must be made, not bought.
– Joyce Maynard