Convert a House into a Home

“For a house to be successful, the objects in it must communicate with one another, respond and balance one another.”
– Andre Putman

The Art and science of interior decoration runs in the veins of every single woman in the world; she just needs a bit of a suggestion here and a push of an idea there and am sure, she will become a great success in converting her house into a home!

A few common tips on the interior decoration of your home:


Declutter: Before decorating your interiors, de-clutter your home: though it is elementary, as Sherlock Holmes would have said, it has to be done!

Harden your heart and throw away all the junk that has been accumulated at your home for eons now. Throw away ALL your old and unused stuff. Give it to a charity. You will be blessed!

Clean up: Clean up your entire house, room by room, wall by wall and inch by inch; include
your curtains, blinds, windows, carpets, furniture, library, medical cabinets and cupboards and even under the beds; just clean up the whole nine yards!

Planning and Budgeting: Now that your junk has been lifted and the home is sparkling, it is time to sit down and draft up the interior decoration plan. The plan of course, depends up on your budgetary allocation. The more the budget, the more you may be able to spend on your interior beautification

Decorating Choices: There are so many ways by which you may decorate your home: you may choose to decorate each room on the basis of a theme or on the basis of a focal point, to start with.

Theme based Interiors

Let’s go with the theme based interior decoration. You may decorate every room on the basis of different colour combinations or on the basis of different styles, like traditional, country and retro style, contemporary, spacious, arts and crafts and in different country styles, the most famous being Italian and French ones!

Walls: After the theme and style has been chosen, you should choose the method of decoration for the walls; wall painting, wall papers or even vertical gardening on one entire wall!

Base mantra for paints: small rooms, light hues and large rooms, dark hues, simplicity itself. Sherlock Holmes again!

Light hues make the room looks more spacious. If you would be using two or more colours in a room, you should make sure that they belong to the same colour family, like blue and pale green.

You may even choose wall murals for an entire wall which will look amazing. You should hang the wall arts and other hangings at your eye level.

Windows: Do you have decorative windows at your house? (Like bay windows or octagon), be blessed and let them maintain their individuality! Add some greenery around the windows and add some lovely decorative furniture close to the windows facing the sunshine. Add a small rack for magazines for reading during the day time and a lamp for the night; am sure, the place may soon become your favorite haunt!

For other windows which may need curtains, you should choose the curtain colors in sync with the color theme and the style of the room.

For a small room without a view, use a number of mirrors to reflect the room light to give an illumination of brightness and space to the room.

Floors: Use tapestry, carpets and rugs in the appropriate places for good looks and maintenance of the floors. Clean the nooks and corners of the floors, tiles, linoleum, carpets and rugs regularly for maintaining the sparkling look on your floors.

Tips for individual rooms:

Living Room: Do you have decorative knick knacks, a lot of books, and quite a few
family photos? Well, display them all in an imaginative combination in your library at the front room. Don’t have a library racks? You should get some.

Bed Rooms: A day of hard work, traffic jams, projects and meets, family requirements and worries comes to a conclusion at night right at the bed room: make it the most relaxing, peaceful, calm and romantic place at your house. Spend lavishly and get the most comfortable bedding for complete relaxation. Add décor in terms of candles, mirrors and stuff like.

Children’s Rooms: Do you ever watch, “Extreme Make Over: Home Edition”, a reality show on home improvement for the less fortunate people? (BBC Entertainment)  The episodes are worth watching in anyway! They will also give you plenty of ideas on the decoration aspect of your children’s rooms and your home in general.

As you know your children’s interests and favourites, make the thing they like the most as the central theme of your children’s rooms. If your child loves forest, bring in the cut outs or wall pieces relating to animals. Paint a mural on trees, birds and animals. Paste a wall paper with the forest theme. Let the interest of your child decides on the décor of their room.

Dinning Room: This is where the family gets their energy and nourishment to tackle their entire day. Decorate this room with lovely chandelier. Add some pieces of fancy and soft lights.
Let the walls be adorned with rich wall paper or be painted with floral and light colours for peace and relaxation.

Kitchen: The kitchen is one of the most significant room in a home. Decorate the cabinet tops with decorative china, vases and other suitable knick knacks. Let your counter tops and appliances
shines. Keep the kitchen always clean and disinfected.

Bathrooms: The shower curtains, windows and rugs should be kept completely clean. Perfumed candles may be added to the master bath and decorative toys and accessories can be added to children’s baths.


Q. I had always wanted to do interior decoration for my home, but I am afraid to indulge in that dream due to financial issues. Do I need to spend a lot of money on house beautification?

 Not necessarily! All the things, whether it is the furniture, paints, different types of flooring, wall hanging etc. comes with various price tags, suitable for all packets.

You shop for the items that suit your budget. The same house can be decorated at a minimum expense or in multi million dollars.

Q. How can I cut down on multiples in my kitchen?

It is crucial to keep Kitchen well organised and clutter-free, so you can handle the stress that can accompany cooking.Most kitchen end up storing large bowls and gadgets that are bought from the trips abroad and are rarely used. If you find not using them for over a year, give them away or transfer them to another storage area.Best way to de-clutter is to get rid of multiples of things as you are just hoarding them.


Go wild with imagination; create beautiful space in the living room, relaxed atmosphere in your bed room and peacefulness in your dinning room. Let your creativity touches all parts of your house, thereby converting it into your HOME!

“Decorating is not about making stage sets, it’s not about making pretty pictures for the magazines; it’s really about creating a quality of life, a beauty that nourishes the soul”.

– Albert Hadley, The Story of America’s Preeminent Interior Designer