Natural medicines are the best cures for ailments. They have no side effects, they are not artificially created with chemicals and the best part is that you can concoct them at home for nothing. Yes, you guessed right, we are talking about homemade remedies that can be used to cure basic infirmities and work out to be an inexpensive way of looking after your precious health.

Long before the world developed the modern medicine, people depended on their age-old traditions and made home-based cures to revive their strength and keep fit. It will not be incorrect to say that even today some people believe in using remedies that have been handed down to them by their forefathers.

You too can use these timeless remedies to cure basic conditions at home and benefit from the wealth of knowledge that our ancestors left behind for us.

Here are some basic homemade cures that you use next time you feel down and under.


Cold and Cough: If you are suffering from cold and cough, you should have a cup of warm water mixed with honey and lemon to soothe your aching throat. You can also add bite size pieces of ginger to the drink. Ginger is known for its medicinal qualities and provides great relief to a sore throat.

Joint Pains: If you regularly suffer from muscle and joint pains, you could use nettles to cure aches. This is commonly used as a herbal medicine but should not be applied on skin directly. Its leaves have to be used when dried and should be consumed in the form of tea. You can also use it as a topical soak for aching joints.

Scars, Burns and Wounds: Turmeric powder is a substance that has amazing medicinal qualities. This spice is not just used for cooking but also to cure long standing conditions. It can be applied on open wounds and can stop the skin from scarring. Turmeric powder is also said to have anti-cancer properties that is helpful in curing people with tumors and melanoma. Aloe Vera is known for its medicinal uses especially over burns.

Diarrhea: The best homemade recipe for treating a person with diarrhea is to mix ripe banana with nutmeg powder and eat daily. Another popular remedy is to make a date paste with honey and consume the mixture 4-5 times in a day. Black tea with some lime juice also does wonders.

Headache: Many people suffer from headaches on a regular basis, to overcome this you can try eating an apple with salt on empty stomach everyday.

High Blood Pressure: If you suffer from high BP, try the solution of honey, ginger and cumin seeds. Mix these ingredients well and drink twice a day for controlling your blood pressure.


Q. What homemade cures can I use for stomachaches?

Take a hot drink of lemon tea with honey in it.

Q. Is there homemade remedy for toothaches?

A simple cure is to keep a clove between the teeth or apply clove oil.

Q. What can I do to control nausea and vomiting?

Mix lime juice with honey and ginger and drink the mixture. It should help you feel better.

Q. What is common cure for fevers?

The best thing is to eat things rich in Vitamin-C. This helps fight off infections. Having grape juice and oranges will build your immune system.


The human body is vulnerable to diseases but nature has also blessed us with antidotes to cure ourselves. Natural and homemade treatments work wonders on your health. You will never feel the need to take antibiotics for conditions that can easily be cured at home.

Take care of yourself and remember that: best solutions in life are always the simple ones.