fruits and milk

A woman never fails to amaze me. She is the affectionate daughter, a dutiful wife, a devoted mother, a loyal friend, an outstanding companion, a superb teacher and a coach, an efficient employee and is indeed an excellent employer too.

She shop around for her family needs, she visit doctors for her family health, she insist on her family taking nutrient meals, milk and fruits and wait for her family to come home at late nights!

Sadly, she doesn’t take care of herself! She doesn’t give importance to herself. She treats herself as though one amongst the multiple material things that are strewn around her house, lifeless and useful only for the others.

No wonder sooner or later, she starts looking matured compared to her age! She becomes obese for want of exercise, she gets into various discomforts of body due to lack of nutritious supplements and she feels irritated and upset; she shows her frustration on her family giving raise to misunderstanding and unrest in the family from time to time.

There are certain general tips to take care of you starting from now!


Be Selfish: Be selfish; be selfish just for a couple of hours daily, without feeling guilty. Allot a time for woman eating watermelonyourself and make it clear to your family that they should not interfere in your special time with yourself

Listen to music, go for a walk, have a Starbucks flavoured coffee along with the red velvet whoopee pie; talk to yourself, talk to your friends over phone, lie down for a cat nap, watch a part of your favourite movie; do anything in your own special time. You are not supposed to bring water to your children, pass on the spectacles to your husband; open the gates for the visitors, and well, you got the point!

Take care of your diet: Supplement your food with calcium and nutrition; consult your family doctor. Eat well to take care of yourself well, so that you shall be able to take care of your family well. Most importantly, do not eat to compensate for your emotional upheavals. Eat at the right time and eat healthy wholesome food.

Maintain a Diet Chart: Keep diet chart according to your health requirements: it could be the Protein Rich Diet Plan, Low Carb Diet Plan, Weight Loss Diet Plan, Diabetic Diet Chart and more. You may even link your exercise chart with that of the diet chart for comparative results.

 Diet plan and Balance between Calories: The very success of any weight-loss diet plan depends on the difference between your daily calorie intake and the output of it. Means, you should burn more calories than what you consume! Make a chart of calories required to perform your day to day activities and make a note of the calories gained from your food intake and try to strike a balance between these two!

Keep a Control on Whites and other fat foods: Certain food items are imperative to bringconsuming junk food in the taste and flavour to the food. However, along with the taste and flavour they also bring in different diseases to your body.

Research says that sugar and salt are addictive in nature. Research also says that unless you control the intake of sugar and salt, it would be difficult to keep a check on your diet plan. Research further says that high intake of sugar and salt, fast, fried and junk food give rise to blood pressure related issues, heart and kidney related problems and much more. Hence, control the white foods and other fast foods in your diet.

Balanced Food: A well-balanced food results in a well balanced and healthy body. A healthy food also makes your skin to glow and your hair to shine

Stages of Life and the Stress for the Nutrition: Women have significantly different stages of life that needs different nutritional requirements; from childhood, puberty to fertility, pregnancy, nursing and menopause; women need to fulfil different nutritional requirements according to their age and body composition. You should plan your diet taking into account your age, health condition and body composition and should follow the plan strictly without fail.


Q. I need guidance on the swap food techniques. Can you help me on this?

Swap food technique is more of a commonsense than of a rocket science!

Swap full cream milk with skimmed or toned milk

Embrace wholegrain cereals and multi-grain wheat options.

Use fat-free yogurt. Use more of boiled or steamed food and less of fried food.

Substitute ordinary cooking oil with Olive Oil for cooking.

Eat unsalted nuts rather than the salted ones

Avoid or keep to the minimum of the consumption in cheese,  butter and other milk fats.

Replace white bread with brown or multi-grain bread.

Finally, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables.

Bring in healthy alternative to not-so healthy food.

Q . There is always left-over food in the refrigerator, which I tend to eat next day. I don’t feel like throwing away the food. What can I do?

Your stomach is not a dustbin where you keep putting in all the left over food. Sometimes it’s ok, but not always. Make ‘’just’’ sufficient food for the family. If food is left then serve to everyone on table.

Sometimes use your imagination and modify the left over food with an added ingredients, flavour and taste; serve to the family and consume.


A woman is morally bound to take care of herself as much as she takes care of the others in the family.

By adding the nutritional components into your food and by maintaining the healthy and balanced eating habits, you will find a lot of improvement on the quality of your life-style. It will also keep you and your family disease-free or at least keep the disease of a family member well in control.

What you eat, so you become!