Dubai “the most global art fair in the world,” according to its director

Tomorrow will open its doors Art Dubai, the largest showcase of international art in the Persian Gulf, which in its twelfth edition will bring together works from 48 countries and its artistic director, the Spanish Pablo del Val, qualifies as “the most global fair in the world”.

Del Val affirms to Efe that the main hallmark of Art Dubai, which is celebrated between March 21 and 24 in Madinat Jumeirah, is its “internationality”.

“When you go through the corridors you turn into Willy Fog, with continual changes of the continent, and you have a gallery from Ghana in front of one from Saudi Arabia or Australia, the representation by nationalities is brutal,” explains Del Val.

For this reason, for the collector “it is a must” because Art Dubai is a meeting point for the art of the regions of the Middle East, North Africa, and Southeast Asia.

“This mixture of geographies is quite unique and being in Dubai there is a specialization on the region (of the Middle East) that you do not see anywhere else in the world,” says the director.

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Within this international artistic offer, there will be two galleries in Madrid, Espacio Valverde, and Elba Benítez, and the latter will exhibit the works of one of the outstanding Spanish contemporary artists, Cristina Iglesias.

Meanwhile, Latin American artists will have their space in the galleries of Chile, Peru, Argentina, Brazil and other countries that will bring their works to Dubai from the other side of the Ocean.

“Latin American galleries, reluctant to come from a distance, have realized that all Ibero-American languages and vocabularies are reflected in the cultures of the Middle East,” says Del Val, who predicts that “next year the participation of Latin American galleries will be even bigger. ”

The global nature of the fair defines the profile of the collector who visits Art Dubai, where this year there will be 105 galleries, in which the works of emerging artists are exhibited, as well as others of recognized prestige.

“The type of collector that we receive is that little romantic who is looking for new things and who is more interested in following the career of a young artist than spending a million on a very established one,” says Del Val.

In addition, the Spanish add that Art Dubai is “a pair of discoveries”, which offers the collector “very interesting” works at “very affordable prices”, young artists who have “a long career ahead” and “are in the hands of galleries important. ”

Aside from collectors, among the local public each year there is more patent interest in art, Del Val emphasizes.

“Emirati participation is getting bigger and there are already large collections here, owned by Emirati, quite conceptual and interesting, not traditional but of the latest trends,” he says.

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The director considers that “the country is very awake” regarding art and “the artistic ecosystem in the country is increasingly anchored”.

The recent opening of the Louvre Museum in Abu Dhabi has been a fundamental “push”, according to the Spanish, which highlights the “revolutionary” contribution of the French center in the Persian Gulf.

For Del Val, United Arab Emirates “is a crossroads, is the second residence of many people, hosts micro-society and culturally is exciting because it has been based on respect and in that kind of cultural miscegenation.”

Currently, “there are different bets” in the Arab country, from the Louvre in Abu Dhabi to the galleries in Dubai, while in the emirate of Sharjah “the most radical projects” are located.

“Everyone who comes to the Emirates and is interested in culture has the obligatory visit to the three cities, each capital is having its importance and is part of the puzzle” that shapes the new Emirati artistic panorama.