Driving gives you a feeling of freedom, which boost your self-confidence; confidence to secure her place in the world where men lead in all the fields, whether it is in the field of business science, medical science, work science or rocket science!

Driving needs certain prerequisites like alertness of mind, smooth co-ordination of the body, mind and the machine and a mindset of a defensive player! It also needs the sharpness of a decision to be taken on a fraction of a second to avoid collisions with the other vehicles and people on the road! It needs the logical reasoning and the street smartness in handling the road rage and the after-effects of an unavoidable accident on the road, if that happens!

A woman of course, can drive better than a man because she has the alertness of mind, sharpness of thoughts, logical reasoning and street smartness in handling the vehicle, like she is used to handling the rest of her life responsibilities.

Driving can be extremely relaxing, can be soothing on the nerves after a long day at work; it can be an enjoyable experience of having listening to your own audio delicacies at the cosy comfort of your car.

However, in order to enjoy an uninterrupted and smooth driving, you need to take care of your vehicle, adjust your car according to the weather conditions, attire according to the driving distance, not to get entangled into any problems on the road and to feel safe within the confines of your vehicle.

Certain Common Tips on various things you need to take into account on driving:


Take care of Your Vehicle: Before you hit on the road, hit on the tires; check on them for proper air pressure and tread depth; make your tires well balanced and vehicle well aligned. Make it an once in a month affair for your own safety against skidding; it will also help in the increase of the tyre mileage and precise steering, apart from the improvement in the performance and comfort of the car.

You should also check the condition of your headlights, rear lights, brake lights and turn indicators to see whether they are in a proper working condition. The main elements of steering, clutch, brake and accelerator should also be kept in a well balanced condition all the time.

You should give your car for servicing according to the requirement for the fine tuning of your car and to avoid unwanted hassles while driving.

 Mind your Mind: Be alert and do defensive driving throughout the time of your driving.

If you are emotionally upset, feel ill, feel very tired; if you are on any medication that may make you drowsy, do not drive – period!

Keep a watch on your speed. The speed of your vehicle should depend upon the weather, the road condition, the traffic flow and the speed limit prescribed by the particular locality. Drive within speed limits and drive with a sense of responsibility to avoid accidents.

Always drive defensively: react to the driving and the sign language of the other drivers.

Allow people to overtake, if they are driving too close behind you with blaring horns and songs. Don’t get into an offensive mood.

Do not get into the highway hypnosis or drowsiness during long drives. Always drive with a companion during long drives, so that you could stop from time to time for refreshments, to stretch your legs and to sleep off the sleepiness.

Always wear seat belt for your safety.

Things to Avoid while driving: Avoid wearing high heels while driving; experts had even called for a ban on high heels, stilettos and platform shoes while driving for women. It may lead to your loosing the control of your car.

Do not use mobile phones while driving; it may distract you completely.

Do not do texting while driving

Do not touch up your make up while driving

Avoid multi-tasking like eating, drinking, talking on the phone and having a conversation while driving! It could distract you greatly!

The weather Conditions:Whether it is in winter or in the rainy season, drive with extra caution. Set your head lights to dim or better use fog lights during the winter season.

During rain, increase your distance from the other drivers. Take extra care while applying brakes and while driving in curves and turns. While the wiper is on, your headlights should also be on. Drive slow.

Night Driving: Your headlights and the tail lights should be kept ON during the entire period of your driving till you can see the road clearly on sunrise or later.

Avoid stopping around a curve to avoid accidents by the tailgates.

Keep the headlights on low beam when another vehicle is about 200 meters from you or when you drive behind another vehicle at that distance.
Stay on the road by following the road signs, reflective signals and the vehicles driving before you.

Safety Tips for women drivers who drive alone: In order to safeguard yourself from the unwanted elements, you should keep your car doors locked and windows raised.

Allow a fast driver to overtake you; don’t get entangled into the road rage atmosphere.

Be alert all the time; keep your music down, your ears up and your eyes constantly around for any signs of trouble.

Be alert in the parking lot. Park your car in a well-lit area, away from the dark corners.

Avoid talking to the strangers at night whether it is at the parking lot or at the signals.


Q. I know that using of the mobile is not allowed while driving. I generally keep my mobile in the silent mode and try to avoid answering the calls while driving. However, I am a Doctor and sometimes, I may get professional phone calls regarding treatment from my work. Guess I can answer such calls while driving

Most of the countries in the world has made it mandatory that mobile conversation and vehicle driving should not get mixed up; the laws not only prevents you from using the mobile, but also has provision for imposing fines or impounding the mobile set as punishment.

The conversation over mobile distracts a person to a great extent, endangering both the driver and the people on the road. Avoid using phones while driving. Most of the countries rather would require you to keep the mobiles switched off and not on the silent mode.


For a woman, driving a vehicle is not just a means of mobility from one place to another; it is a proud statement of her freedom and self-reliance to the world; it is a statement from her that she can take on the roads; take on the people and take on the world most comfortably and can become a roaring success at that!

“A driver is a king on a vinyl bucket-seat throne, changing direction with the turn of a wheel, changing the climate with a flick of the button, changing the music with the switch of a dial.”

Andrew H. Malcolm

As long as you drive with alert state of mind and defensively, you may keep changing the directions, the climate and the music in your car!