The Secret of Family Happiness

Relationships are those delicate threads that hold us together and give us a profound sense of belonging. Our existence is a product of our desire to associate with other human beings. We thrive as a part of a community but wither away in solitude. This need for compassion and to be loved by others gave birth to the concept of families. We all depend on our loved ones to fulfill our emotional needs and this is what makes the bond between family members grow stronger. But being relatives is not enough; family is a seed that needs constant nurturing and care. Feelings like love, trust and camaraderie makes family a very special unit. Having [...]

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Learning Foreign Language

Wiki says that Mandarin language (Chinese family) is spoken by 1025 million people, French by 120 million people, Hindustani (Hindi and Urdu) by 490 Million people and English by about 1.5 billion people! Learn a couple of new languages and you will be introduced to millions of new people, their literature, their culture, their way of thinking, their way of living, their music and the works! While traveling abroad, when you speak the language of a country to its natives, you respect their people and you get their love and admiration in volumes in return. Just look at the surprise and the smile on the face of the native person even when you smatter [...]

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Women, the Creator of the Creativity! “There’s a woman at the beginning of all great things.” -Alphonse de Lamartine Of Course, there is! God took a lot of time and care while creating the woman, as she was destined to be the creator of multitudes of things in her life and for her family. Call it her creative outlet, a hobby, her passion or even her slight weakness; a woman likes to do a lot of her work herself, whether it is sewing and stitching the clothes, decorating her house with flowers, wrapping up her gifts to the others, breeding her pets, making her scrap book et all! Creative people are sensitive ones; they [...]

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THE ART AND SCIENCE OF DRIVING FOR WOMEN Driving gives you a feeling of freedom, which boost your self-confidence; confidence to secure her place in the world where men lead in all the fields, whether it is in the field of business science, medical science, work science or rocket science! Driving needs certain prerequisites like alertness of mind, smooth co-ordination of the body, mind and the machine and a mindset of a defensive player! It also needs the sharpness of a decision to be taken on a fraction of a second to avoid collisions with the other vehicles and people on the road! It needs the logical reasoning and the street smartness in handling [...]

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Homemade Cures

 FIX FOR STINGS AND SORES Natural medicines are the best cures for ailments. They have no side effects, they are not artificially created with chemicals and the best part is that you can concoct them at home for nothing. Yes, you guessed right, we are talking about homemade remedies that can be used to cure basic infirmities and work out to be an inexpensive way of looking after your precious health. Long before the world developed the modern medicine, people depended on their age-old traditions and made home-based cures to revive their strength and keep fit. It will not be incorrect to say that even today some people believe in using remedies that have [...]

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Team Management

Women are meant for multi-tasking; they are versatile and are creative in nature. They are more communicative than men, understanding and adjusting to the people and the circumstances. They are effective in bringing a consensus on a given topic and are good in taking work from people. If you want to manage your team effectively, you may make a note of the following common tips:  TIPS Get to Know Your Team: In the, “Undercover Boss, America”, I had time and again noticed that the CEO (who is the Undercover Boss of the company) strives hard to get to know his staff fairly well. He asks a lot of questions about the personal life of [...]

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