Handling Medical Emergencies

We all are surrounded by medical problems, emergencies, accidents and other health issues; however, we never realize the need for learning to cope with the any of them. We see accidents happen from time to time and wouldn’t know how to save a person. We see someone struggling through a heart attack but wouldn’t know how to take care of him. We women in general feel emotionally so vulnerable that we refuse to acknowledge the probability of medical emergencies happening to us or to some one close to us. We believe, like everybody else, that things happen only to the others. Like weather, life’s tips and turns are never predictable. If it can be, [...]

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Flower Arrangement and Flower Jewellery

All through the ages, women are compared to the flowers; flowers are the favorite instruments in the hands of the writers, painters, sculptures and others to compare them with the women. Flowers have a way of understanding a woman’s heart; in a way flowers are like a woman; soft, endearing, exceptional, beautiful, sensitive and comes wearing lots of colors! There is nothing better than flowers to give as a gift and there is nothing better than flowers to receive as gift. Whether you receive them as gifts or buy for your home, it’s important to know the basics of flower arrangement. There are a few general tips given as follows: TIPS Types of Flower [...]

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Benefits of Essential Oils When we receive a bouquet of flowers, while walking in a garden of fresh plants and flowers;when we are holidaying in the vast mountains and forests and when we spray a wonderful fragrance on our clothes; we unconsciously take a deep breath and immediately feel calm and relaxed with ourselves and feel one with the atmosphere. That’s the kind of the compulsive natural response our mind has for the aromatics. Essential oils are observed by our body when we apply it on our skin, inhale through our nose and when take them internally. For the sensitive skin and the soft nature of a woman, the essential oils are a gift [...]

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Event Management

Effective managers live in the present but concentrate on the future. James L. Hayes. Women are the best of managers; look at how they manage their home, their children, their work, their schedules etc.That’s why they are known to be Multitaskers. They are naturally the best ones to manage the events as well: like party planning, house warming, kitty parties, birth day parties, dinner parties, engagement parties, wedding arrangements, christenings and baby showers etc. A few general tips to help you on the event management at home. TIPS Budgeting: Unless certain specified funds are channelized into the preparation and the execution of the events, you wouldn’t be able to rationalize on the expenses incurred; [...]

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How to Decorate Your House

Convert a House into a Home “For a house to be successful, the objects in it must communicate with one another, respond and balance one another.”– Andre Putman The Art and science of interior decoration runs in the veins of every single woman in the world; she just needs a bit of a suggestion here and a push of an idea there and am sure, she will become a great success in converting her house into a home! A few common tips on the interior decoration of your home: TIPS Declutter: Before decorating your interiors, de-clutter your home: though it is elementary, as Sherlock Holmes would have said, it has to be done! Harden [...]

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Managing Moods and Emotions

“Managing your emotions is an inside job. That’s why it’s important to learn techniques to make attitude . You can then direct your emotions more efficiently. Happiness comes through emotions qualified by the heart”. Doc Childre and Howard Martin. Wonderful, isn’t it? You can scale the highest mountains, dip into the deepest oceans, can travel towards the farthest distance and can even locate the God Particle! But still, it is difficult to control one’s own inner mechanism. Most people flare up like the heads of the match sticks: a bit of an emotional fracture, they go all out to get the others. The regular tussle in the family, scuffle among friends and colleagues, road [...]

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