Pets Make Your Life Easier!

Pets make your heart beat easier: even if no body loves you, even if you don’t love yourself, your pet will love you unconditionally and will prove it a hundred times a day by showering his wet kisses on all over your face! Pets are the best medicine for the pet owners: research shows that even touching and hugging your pet calms you down and reduces your blood pressure! Role of a pet in our lives is very important. Here are tips on why having a pet are helpful for humans TIPS Having a pet makes your mind work easier:when you enter your home, back from a tiring day, your pet is awaiting your [...]

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Art of India – Rangoli and Alpana

India is without doubt a country, which loves to celebrate; and households in India know how to make something from scratch. It could be anything, food, the décor, the ambiance or even lights. Since people in India love colors and try to incorporate the same in each of their activities, let us then explore yet another activity, which is found in almost every household all over the sub-continent. For one, let us consider the art of designing your floors. Yes, Indians do design their floors with a lot of colors, lights, flowers and other materials and this particular one is called a ‘Rangoli.’ In fact, Kolam, Moggu, Madana, Chowka Purana and Alpana are all names for the Rangoli [...]

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Depressed ?

How to handle Emptiness, Loneliness and Depressed feelings? Feeling depressed, feeling empty or lonely inside may happen due to various reasons; the loss of spouse, divorce, the empty nest syndrome, the infidelity of the spouse, the indifferent attitude from the family members, the financial crisis, a prolonged illness, the deep winter months, low self esteem and more. Let’s look at the following few tips to manage your inner engineering: TIPS Handling Loneliness and emptiness: Loneliness is the mind numbing feeling of expression, which is trapped inside and which you are unable to share with the people you would like to, due to one reason or the other. It could be due to the loss [...]

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Art of Matching Perfumes With a Woman’s Personality

Irresistible Fragrances “Perfume puts the finishing touch to elegance – a detail that subtly underscores the look, an invisible extra that completes a woman’s personality. Without it there is something missing.”-  Gianni Versace. Always consider the quality and not the price of a product. There are four major categories of fragrance for women: Floral (Ex: Jasmine and Rose), Fresh (Ex: Citrus and Green leaves) Woody (Ex: warm wood and citrus) and Oriental (Ex: spice cents and vanilla). TIPS Major categories of fragrance Floral fragrance suits the type of woman whose personality is vivacious and who is an amazingly self confident person. Such a woman would naturally be the centre of attention wherever she goes. Fresh fragrance [...]

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No Multi-tasking

Don’t get caught with the multi-tasking Flu! All through the day, our minds alternate between the physical, digital and the virtual world.Mono-tasking While working on a project, you look at your emails, call someone on the mobile, checking with children if they are back from school, exchange a few words with a colleague, worry about your sick family member, and think about the need for the shopping to be done, while planning about the car maintenance task and more. At home, you switch on the TV, prepare snacks for the children, while looking at the text messages in the mobile; tidy up one of the rooms, worrying about the project deadline in a couple [...]

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Art of Painting and Drawing

THE PRIME TWINS OF THE FINE ARTS Drawing is the basis of painting; Most of the paintings start with rough sketches of drawings to bring out the creativity of the painter. Whereas drawing uses lines and shades, painting uses colors and designs Shade, line and object drawing are some of the types of drawings; oil, water, landscapes and portraits, real life and still paintings and religious painting are some of the type of paintings. However, the art and science of drawing and painting are the same; both are fine arts and needs the use of specialized part of your brain, a spectacular imagination, a fine vision and amazingly skilled hands. Just like a writer [...]

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