Have you ever watched, Seinfeld?” (1989-1998) God, You should!

A series on sense of humour having mixed with a lot of common sense and sensibility! Having a good sense of humour about the day to day life and happenings with a quotient of intelligence, just like Jerry has; such a sense of humour speaks volumes about your upscale character, brilliance in thinking, your capacity of observation on your surroundings, being alert in your mind and stuff like that!

(Jerry) Seinfeld was not just a comedy series; it was much more than that! It had proved that the comedy can be effortlessly used for the application on to the day to day circumstances. When it was over, I felt a personal loss at it!

A few tips for you to keep your humour intact with a slice of wit mixed with it:


Dinner Anecdotes: Along with your delicious dishes, treat your family to humorous anecdotes from your day. Make your family to share their bits and pieces of incidences of humour and smile with you. It will train them to take their days with a measure of sugar and not just a pinch of salt!

Innocence in Humour: When you bring humour into your conversation, you should be sensitive to the feelings of others; your being humour should not hurt, humiliate or insult the others, who may or may not even be present at that point of time. Words run around, circle across and shall get back to you with vicious response from the affected party. Keep your humour innocent and harmless, which should create smiles but not hurts to the others.

Steer Clear of Bad Humour: People do not enjoy being depreciated even if what is being said is “supposed to be for fun”. Steer clear of mentioning of race, religion, colour of skin, age, weight, differently challenged person etc. Bad humour is worse than no humour at all!

Self Depreciation works wonders: Rather deserved self depreciation works wonders! If you are heading a team, a department or a company and if you use humour in a light vein and in a self depreciating manner at your work, people will understand that it is being said to make them smile and does not mean anything more than that!

Differentiate the use of your words: There is a difference between humour and sarcasm: whereas humour lifts people up, sarcasm is used to put people down. Never use the later. People won’t like to be associated with you.

Localise your Humour: Localise your humour streak; include the local situations, environments, local politics, weather, films etc. while talking to people. Most people may not be familiar with what’s happening outside of their hemisphere! Take the case of Google (It’s actually the name of a village in Karnataka, India where they don’t have the internet connection!) Well, you can’t Google in Google!

If you have friends who understand and enjoy your joke on something like this, don’t loose them. Being witty with intelligent people is really something! It’s like watching Seinfeld or looking at the Amul advertisement on a hoarding!

Amul advertisement often changes with relevance to the current news; it not only makes you to smile but also make you to think while you are looking at the golden yellow Amul butter and the cute Amul child on the hoarding. Amazing!

Difference between plain Gossip and great Humour:

Whereas gossip hurts people down, humour lifts people up. Learn the difference between these two. In a group of gossip mongers, you may not be able to indulge in a wit of innocence. Better to leave such people to their gossip.


Above all, smile: smile is at the neighbourhood of the humour and it leads the herd, while humour parades its mightiness.


Q. I am a sort of a serious person; I can never crack jokes easily like my colleagues at my work or some of my friends. It does not mean that I don’t want to make people laugh spontaneously. I am just like that. Sometimes, I feel left out, when all the other women are smiling and laughing and having a whale of a nice time. I am unable to come out of my nutshell. Is there anyway by which I can develop being humorous, at least to a certain extent?

Sure. There are a lot many training programs available on this score; both on line and off line.There are management people who may train you on this and there are personality development companies who do the job of helping you out on this score. You just need to search for a course according to your suitable timings, location etc.

Q I don’t like if somebody crack jokes on me? How can I become more sporting and take it in positive spirit?

Good humour helps in the lightening of our day to day problems and issues. It’s better to live with a smile rather than with a frown.

Humour shows the class of a person; good people indulge in a harmless humour and vicious people indulge in gossip and Black humour


Having a good sense of humour and being witty can take you places, provided you use it to your advantage by making people laugh with you and not at you!

Be good, so that you will get better!