Irresistible Fragrances

“Perfume puts the finishing touch to elegance – a detail that subtly underscores the look, an invisible extra that completes a woman’s personality. Without it there is something missing.”

–  Gianni Versace.

Always consider the quality and not the price of a product.

There are four major categories of fragrance for women:

Floral (Ex: Jasmine and Rose), Fresh (Ex: Citrus and Green leaves) Woody (Ex: warm wood and citrus) and Oriental (Ex: spice cents and vanilla).


Major categories of fragrance

Floral fragrance suits the type of woman whose personality is vivacious and who is an amazingly self confident person. Such a woman would naturally be the centre of attention wherever she goes.

Fresh fragrance suits the personality of woman who is cool, maintains low key with a laid back attitude, but has a wonderful sense of humor and be delightful to be with.

Oriental fragrance suits the personality of woman who is mysterious, sophisticated, kind of someone who is in control and a just wee bit dangerous too

Woody fragrance suits the personality of woman who is a bit stubborn; she is also a kind and compassionate woman, warm, wise and unique in her characteristics.

Seasonal Perfume Matching: Spring is the season of flowers and festivities, joy, romance and happiness. The light, floral and citrus fragrance shall be suitable in the spring season for a woman.

Summer is the season of dazzling light, long evenings and bright moods. The light and fresh fragrance shall be suitable in the summer season for a woman.

Autumn is the season that is spiced up between two other seasons; the rich woody scents, a bit of spice and cinnamon shall be suitable in the autumn season for a woman.

Winter is dull, depressing and needs inspiration: The spicy, rich and fuller perfumes suits the winter time for her.

Perfumes and the time of the day: In order to match the perfume with the time of the day, a woman should be having a wardrobe of perfumes, to mix and match according to the variations in the timings of a day!

Science of smell says that your smell scene is at its peak in the mornings and progressively declines when the time moves on.

Wear a heavy and a bit overwhelming perfume in the morning. A fresh morning can take a heady perfume head on!

Wear a perfume that spells of intense, deeper and sultrier smells for the night. Some of the ingredients could be jasmine, amber, sandal wood, patchouli etc.

Wear floral, woody, green, and sweet and white floral in the afternoons. Afternoons are warm, sunny and are the right time to indulge in some laughter and light heartedness.


Q. I am confused. There are a lot of perfumes available on discounts all over the place. Can I go for it? I will have a wonderful collection of perfumes to suit my various moods.

You should always shop for the best names in the perfume market. They sure are costlier; however, they not only give you the value for money but also may save you from skin irritation, headaches, migraine, nausea, drowsiness and other health hazards.


Both a woman and her perfume speak volumes about her class and how fabulous she is. However, compatibility of the perfume with the personality of a woman, seasons, her moods; even the compatibility of the perfume with the time of the day plays an important part in the “classy and fabulous” feature of a woman.

“A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.”

– CocoChanel