Benefits of Essential Oils

When we receive a bouquet of flowers, while walking in a garden of fresh plants and flowers;
when we are holidaying in the vast mountains and forests and when we spray a wonderful fragrance on our clothes; we unconsciously take a deep breath and immediately feel calm and relaxed with ourselves and feel one with the atmosphere. That’s the kind of the compulsive natural response our mind has for the aromatics.

Essential oils are observed by our body when we apply it on our skin, inhale through our nose and when take them internally.

For the sensitive skin and the soft nature of a woman, the essential oils are a gift of healing to her heart, emotions, mind and body.

There are a number of plants from which the essential oils are being extracted; some names are worth mentioning:


Kitchen Cabinet: Look no further than your vegetable basket, refrigerator and your dry storage mates. Cloves, Ginger, Lemon, Cardamom, Garlic, black pepper, parsley and coriander are right there at your home to provide you relief from various ailments. Add basil, oranges and grapefruits with them. Your mini medicinal cabinet is ready to serve you.

Some of the benefits of these plants are: relief from cold and cough, muscle aches and exhaustion, bronchitis, arthritis and rheumatism, low BP, sprains, indigestion, nausea and appetite loss, skin problems, warts, and much more.

Cosmetics Cabinet: Essential Oils made from angelica Root, Bay, Rosewood, German and Roman Chamomile, Cypress, Galbanum, Grapefruit, Jasmine, Hyssop, Lemon and Lavender etc. are some of the plants whose oils take care of the different problems of your skin, including dryness, itchiness, oily, sensitive or matured skin types. Make a note that not all the oils are effective for all the skin problems.

Emotional Cabinet: Our heart and mind holds our emotions and our body react to our various emotions in varied ways. The following essential oils shall help you to keep your emotions in control, to feel calm, relaxed and to feel peaceful.

Women, more than men, go through mood swings, mental fatigue, nervousness, grief, anger, panic, depression and stress due to various reasons at various points of time in their lives. Being sensitive, women are more emotionally vulnerable than men. The healing properties of essential oils shall be useful here as well.

Oils from plants like rosewood, cloves, frankincense, grapefruit, jasmine, lavender, rose and rosemary, ylang ylang shall be useful to heal your mind, relax your body, gives happiness and peacefulness to your whole being.

Geranium and Rose helps to ease the menopause related issues.

However, not all the plants are effective to heal all the emotional


Q. I am depressed: How can I go about using these healing oils and in what proportions massage for my personal use and for my home?

Glad you had asked. The above details are given purely for basic informative purposes only. Just like you are, we are impressed with the effectiveness and the healing properties of these oils and had just wanted to share the knowledge with you.

I would specifically like to advise you to consult a qualified aroma therapist; a qualified doctor with alternative healing specialization with plants or a qualified specialist in essential oil healing; or some one who is qualified for this very purpose for advice on the usage and administration of essential oils.

It is not advisable to self administrator anything that may affect your health and well being without consultation with some one who is a specialist in that field.

Q. How do I use essential oils, and its benefits

There are many ways in which you can benefit from essential oils through aromatherapy.

You can apply them externally either by diluting them in a base oil for massage or in water while bathing or bath products. Depending on the type of oil or oil blend you use you can soothe aching muscles, calm frazzled nerves, ease a tension headache or enhance concentration.

You can use them in a diffuser to create a specific mood or atmosphere in a room, clean or disinfect the air or help provide relief from a cold. They are very helpful in de-stressing.


Essential oils possess amazing healing properties on our emotions, mind, and body and on our very core being. They are the true form of alternative healing; organic essential oils are known for very less or nil side effects when compared to the commercial essential oils.