A peaceful «tinku» awaits thousands of attendees from various countries in Bolivia

The “tinku” of Macha, an indigenous dance of this town in the north of Potosí (Bolivia), has evolved in recent years to completely abandon the violence, to achieve a peaceful party suitable for all audiences that brings together 50,000 each year people, many from Argentina and Chile.

EFE – “Formerly there was (violence), but now with socialization has changed,” remarked Efe Mario Cordoba, executive secretary of the large province of Chayanta, where Macha is located.

“The party is quiet, there are some who want to start yet but we put some punishments for those who initiate those types of violence,” the secretary said at the presentation of the party at the Ministry of Cultures of Bolivia in La Paz.

The “tinku” festival, which in Quechua means “encounter”, is an ancestral rite that included hand-to-hand fighting between the “ayllus guerreros”, indigenous clans from the north of Potosí and the south of the neighboring Bolivian department of Oruro. sometimes it ended with the death of a participant.

Córdoba stressed that currently they are “well socialized, the party is taking a peaceful way rather, to demonstrate that joy, that culture.”

The tradition marked an offering to Mother Earth of the blood of the combatants to improve, according to their beliefs, the crops.

Years ago, the Bolivian police had to intervene to control the party, due to excessive alcohol and violence.

According to Córdoba, this meeting, unique in Bolivia, aims to “incentivize traditions” and bring “this culture to the national level.”

The “tinku” of Macha will be held from May 3 to 5 next in this small town and expects to receive people from all over the country, as well as neighbors Chile and Argentina, among others.

In 2009, the Government of Bolivia asked Unesco to declare “tinku” as a Cultural Heritage of Humanity.