Jennifer Lawrence: “Feminism is not Puritanism”

For Jennifer Lawrence, there is currently some confusion about what feminism is, and in her view, the movement has nothing to do with “puritanism.”

“With luck, I think what this character (from the movie ‘Operation Red Sparrow’) is going to be iconic, in particular, because there is now a confusion about what feminism is, and feminism is not Puritanism,” said the actress in a video side of director Francis Lawrence and provided to the Efe Agency with exclusivity by “Fox”.

The protagonist of “Operation Red Sparrow,” which debuted yesterday on the big screen, argued that feminism means “simply equality”, but does not represent that men and women are equal in their characteristics.

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“I think it’s important to show an iconic female character, who is sensual, the owner of his body and who imposes himself using intelligence,” he argued.

The Oscar winner for Best Actress in “The Good Side of Life” (2012) is one of Hollywood’s most influential stars nowadays and has also stood out for the fight for equality of women and men in the film industry, especially to eliminate the difference gender pay.

Thanks to “Operation Red Sparrow,” he reunites with Francis Lawrence, the director of three films in the “Hunger Games” saga, which took his name to the hall of fame.

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The production, which also features Joel Edgerton and Charlotte Rampling, tells the story of a young woman recruited against her will by a Russian spy program and trained to become a secret agent.

For the director, Dominika (the character Jennifer) is the heart and soul of the film. According to him, she is capable of unexpected actions on modern heroes, and between actress and character, there are similarities.

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