“I just sing what I feel and I like to do it,” says Anitta

In times of increasingly open debates on women’s empowerment, promoted among others by the #MeToo movement, singer Annita has argued that she sings what gives her pleasure.

“I just sing what I feel and I like to do.I feel romantic, express, if I feel sexy, too.My goal with music is to make them respect us as we want to be.Moving or not, kissing or kissing six, “the artist said in an interview with Agencia Efe.

For her, who in the song “Downtown,” with J. Balvin, insinuates pleasure in female oral sex, the way women artists are responding to machismo in lyrics is by demonstrating that they too can and cannot be victimized.

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Her partner in the hit, which has almost 170 million views on Youtube, argued that the female audience is responsible for the change in the lyrics.

“We can not leave it to men to empower women, it’s up to them to demonstrate that they are made,” said the Colombian.

The debate over hyper-machismo lyrics in music is not new. In the United States, this type of content has prompted Congress to legislate on the need to add labels with warnings about the content of songs to CDs for parents and parents to watch out for.

Reggaeton artists have reduced the extremely sexual and aggressive themes of music to become more appealing to all audiences, and the strategy worked. Today, it is one of the most successful genres and fans around the world.

But not everyone thinks so. The Venezuelan singer Miguel Ignacio Mendoza, better known as Nacho, argued that it is not necessarily only the men who listen to the most explicit songs.

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“If you’re going to watch videos on Instagram and Snapchat, the ones that most sing and cover and choreograph these more explicit lyrics are women, particularly the younger ones. the mothers of these girls should have conversations with them and reinforce lessons about values, “he said.

The opinion is the same as that of Bad Bunny, one of the main exponents of the genre. Recently, in an interview with a radio show in Miami, in the United States, he repeated what singers like Nicky Jam and Daddy Yankee have said in the past about the subject.

“I am not here to educate the children. This is the responsibility of the parents,” he said.

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