While traveling alone, your safety should be of prime concern. Awareness and a few street-smarts are the keys to safe and happy travels. Solo travel is fun, challenging, vivid, and exhilarating.

You see, the basic and most important point that you have to remember is; we are women. We may be beautiful and intelligent, but unfortunately are the prey of many predators.

For example, you may have at some point in time or another faced problems of eve-teasing. In other instances, you have either been pestered by men who want to get close or even some male relative of your family.

To help you get the most out of a trip, here are quick tips compiled from the advice of women who have traveled alone.

Here are the 10 Best Tips for Travelling Alone

Safety: To start with, you should learn to be responsible for yourself. So learn some self-defense mechanisms and make yourself ready for extreme conditions.

Packing Light: You might be in love with your Gucci and Prada, but while traveling alone, make sure that you pack a bag, which you can lift. Asking for help with your luggage in some countries is a sure-shot way of inviting thugs.

• Laws and Regulations: This tip is especially very important for women to travel to Islamic countries. Make yourself very thorough with the laws and rules, before you do something wrong and are locked in prison.

• Alienating People: Though this tip may not sound very inviting, take the cue and stop inviting strangers while traveling alone. Please remember that you are not in some movie, that you will meet someone through serendipity at an airport and get married that very night. Usually, chances are that you will be robbed and manhandled, if not worse.

• Language: It is no rocket science that different nations speak different languages. Try and learn some of it from a manual, the basics at least. Or else, hire an interpreter cum guide who can show you around.

• Be careful about your personal Belongings: Traveling alone may make you nervous and vulnerable, especially for first-timers. . Keep your passport, extra money, and other important documents tucked well So be on the guard and make sure that you keep your belongings in an orderly fashion.

• Attire: It is said…..when in Rome do as the Romans do. Make sure you dress properly and carry yourself with confidence. Wearing revealing clothes may put you in trouble. Wear simple, comfortable covered clothes so as to keep the predators away. A good thumb rule is to dress modestly.

• Exude confidence: If you are lost, walk into a shop or restaurant and ask for directions there. Try to avoid obviously looking at maps while you’re in the street. Best is, before you set out from your hotel, ask the concierge or other hotel staff for directions to the places you plan to visit each day.

• Don’t Carry Valuables: Leave all valuables, such as extra credit cards and jewelry, at home. Even costume jewelry poses an unnecessary risk to your safety, because most thieves are not jewelry experts and won’t know they’ve stolen costume pieces until after the crime has taken place.

• Use common sense: Common sense is perhaps the single best tip for staying safe, includes the usual recommendations: don’t walk around late at night, don’t drink with strange men, don’t ride in empty compartments on trains, don’t compromise safety to save a few bucks on a hotel or transportation, and know how to use a payphone. Be aware of your surroundings and stay alert.

FAQS About Traveling Alone

What kind of dresses should I pack?

Pack dresses, which are comfortable as well as befitting the location and the purpose.

• Do I need to keep a tab on my travel health insurance?

Make sure you have adequate health insurance coverage for your trip abroad and that your coverage includes medical evacuations. If your policy does not cover you overseas, you may need to purchase supplemental traveler’s insurance.

• Should I keep medicines handy?

Make sure that you have medicines handy, especially if you are suffering from some ailment or if you are on regular medication.

• Which is best cash or credit cards?

To be fair, make sure that you have both in safe places so that the chances of being looted are less.


Overall, I think that it is best for women to travel in a very practical fashion, rather than being whimsical and suffering later on. The basics of traveling in any country are the same.

However, women should remember that wearing stilettos while traveling alone and having a bag that they can barely lift is no good.

How you present yourself can make the difference between a great time and an undesirable situation.