Natalie Portman and America Ferrera promote youth vote in Arizona, USA

Actresses Natalie Portman and America Ferrera today visited two schools in Phoenix, Arizona (USA), to promote the vote of young people because they consider that they are the ones who “can make a difference in the nation” during the elections of 6 November.

“I want to encourage young Latinos to be light, to use their power and energy in what they are doing to change the direction of the nation, so that (it) has a better path,” said the Israeli-American Portman before dozens of students of North High School, school of a predominantly Latin zone.

For her part, Ferrera, born in Los Angeles, California, of Honduran parents, told her story as the daughter of immigrants and spoke about the challenges she had to face due to this condition.

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“When we decided to unite for a cause we created a movement that generates a change, that’s why the importance of voting”, commented the young woman who rose to fame in 2006 for her performance in the US series “Ugly Betty”, inspired by the Colombian ” I am Betty the Ugly one”.

Although this time did not touch political issues, Portman, winner of an Oscar in 2010 for his role in the film “Black Swan”, is recognized for his support of the Democratic Party.

First, he supported the campaign of former President Barack Obama and then Hillary Clinton, encouraging women to register to vote.

“We did not talk about political parties, but about the power of the young people in Arizona to achieve change, they encouraged them to recognize their power and not give up,” said Abril Gallardo, representative of the LUCHA group, which organizes the “We Are More” campaign.

The students also shared their stories with the actresses. Many assured that they will vote for the first time.

“It’s important that these types of celebrities come because they have a very representative platform that they can use to vote in. Young people and fans of these actresses really feel inspired to vote,” added Gallardo.

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During the event, María Teresa Kumar, president of the Voto Latino organization, also gave a message about the power of Latino voters and how they can generate an alternation in power.

Through the “Somos Más” campaign, which promotes voting among young people, Voto Latino and LUCHA organizations came together to bring to Arizona personalities that can inspire Hispanics to exercise their suffrage during legislative elections and for governors.

On Tuesday they counted on the presence of activist Dolores Huerta and Senator Bernie Sanders.

Portman also met with Ferrera today at the LUCHA facilities with community leaders who have been working to promote the Latino vote.

Egon Schiele: more current than ever on the centenary of his death

If the Austrian Egon Schiele was already a groundbreaking painter who opened the door of expressionism, today, a hundred years after his death on October 31, 1918, his art is still as current as it was then, as shown by an exhibition that puts him face to face with contemporary artists.

That is the proposal made by the Leopold Museum in Vienna with an update of “Egon Schiele Anniversary Exhibition”, a sample that since it was inaugurated last February has already been visited by 400,000 people.

A figure that makes it “the most successful exhibition in the history of Leopold to date,” explains the director of this museum, Hans-Peter Wipplinger.

For this reason, and taking advantage of the centenary of his death on October 31, the museum has decided to extend it for four months, until next February, and add works by contemporary artists to certify that Schiele is still as current as when it revolutionized the Vienna of the early twentieth century.

Thus, nine artists, from cities such as London, New York, Paris and Amsterdam, “establish an exciting dialogue with the timeless works of Schiele”, says Wipplinger.

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The museum juxtaposes each of the works of these artists with different Schiele themes, such as the representation of the ego, the relationship with the mother or spirituality.

For example, the photographs of the German Jürgen Klauke, in which he uses his own body to project different identities and a hybrid sexuality, are contrasted with the famous self-portraits in which Schiele seeks his identity by looking at his own body.

This exhibition houses a total of 65 paintings, 70 drawings on paper and a set of photographs, documents, and manuscripts that help to better understand the work of the author.

During their tour, visitors can take a trip through their different and numerous artistic stages.

And is that, despite dying with only 28 years, a victim of the so-called Spanish flu, this referent of expressionist painting made more than 4,000 drawings in his short life.

Among his works, without a doubt, the painting “Houses with colorful clothes hanging” stands out, which in 2011 was auctioned in London for 40 million dollars, his most valuable canvas.

The exposed works show the different themes that Schiele was addressing.

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Thus, examples of his well-known self-portraits can be seen, in which the artist twists his body, the nude scenes of high erotic content or urban scenes of Ceský Krumlov, the small bohemian city of his mother’s native.

Eroticism and sexuality are some of the most recurrent themes throughout his work. A constant theme that in his time caused enormous scandal and incomprehension and that, a hundred years later, remains controversial.

So much so that last November, the London Underground and several German cities censored posters of tourist promotion in Vienna announcing the anniversary of Schiele with two of his most famous paintings of nudes.

Vienna Tourism reacted by placing a band that covered the genitals with the slogan “We are sorry, 100 years old but still too daring for today, to art their freedom”.

The scandal provoked by Schiele in Vienna, the capital of the Habsburg Empire at the beginning of the 20th century, remains so in the modern metropolis of the 21st century. His art is still as current as it was then.

The exhibition at the Leopold is one of the many events with which Austria is commemorating this centenary.

Among them, the exhibition “Egon Schiele, The Creation of a Collection” stands out, in which the Belvedere Museum analyzes the history of the 20 pieces of the painter with which you count your funds, explaining the history behind the paintings, from its creation to how they ended being your property.

For this sample, the Schiele paintings have been subjected to a rigorous examination with x-rays, ultraviolet radiation and micro and macroscopic photographs, which have yielded new information about the creative techniques of the painter.

To help the visitor in his discovery of Shiele, the museum has prepared an augmented reality system.

A peaceful «tinku» awaits thousands of attendees from various countries in Bolivia

The “tinku” of Macha, an indigenous dance of this town in the north of Potosí (Bolivia), has evolved in recent years to completely abandon the violence, to achieve a peaceful party suitable for all audiences that brings together 50,000 each year people, many from Argentina and Chile.

EFE – “Formerly there was (violence), but now with socialization has changed,” remarked Efe Mario Cordoba, executive secretary of the large province of Chayanta, where Macha is located.

“The party is quiet, there are some who want to start yet but we put some punishments for those who initiate those types of violence,” the secretary said at the presentation of the party at the Ministry of Cultures of Bolivia in La Paz.

The “tinku” festival, which in Quechua means “encounter”, is an ancestral rite that included hand-to-hand fighting between the “ayllus guerreros”, indigenous clans from the north of Potosí and the south of the neighboring Bolivian department of Oruro. sometimes it ended with the death of a participant.

Córdoba stressed that currently they are “well socialized, the party is taking a peaceful way rather, to demonstrate that joy, that culture.”

The tradition marked an offering to Mother Earth of the blood of the combatants to improve, according to their beliefs, the crops.

Years ago, the Bolivian police had to intervene to control the party, due to excessive alcohol and violence.

According to Córdoba, this meeting, unique in Bolivia, aims to “incentivize traditions” and bring “this culture to the national level.”

The “tinku” of Macha will be held from May 3 to 5 next in this small town and expects to receive people from all over the country, as well as neighbors Chile and Argentina, among others.

In 2009, the Government of Bolivia asked Unesco to declare “tinku” as a Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Influencers’ War: Hailey Baldwin, the top model capable of dethroning the sisters Hadid and Kendall Jenner

The 21-year-old supermodel and daughter of actor Stephen Baldwin went from being an Instagram girl to becoming the new face of Fendi. Why is it disputed by all the luxury brands in the world? The trajectory of a girl who wanted to be a dancer as a child, but who after an injury found her true destiny on the catwalk

Walkways, flashes, makeup, clothes, and hairstyles. The world of Hailey Baldwin today revolves around the fashion industry and the image that she wants to show the world. At the age of 21, his slender body of 1,71 meters with infinite legs parades through the most coveted catwalks and poses for the lenses of the most required photographers. If we talk about it girl, she meets the definition of the letter.

“I work very hard to get a place in the fashion world and to prove that this is what I want to do,” Baldwin said in an interview with Elle in June 2017. “I want to be a model. me, I would not be here. ” A year later, the force that took his career seems to have confirmed his fate.

Hailey was born into a famous family: the Baldwin, a quartet of famous brothers and actors of Hollywood. She is the daughter of Stephen Baldwin – the youngest – and niece of Alec Baldwin, the most prestigious and largest of the four. Unlike the acting clan that surrounds her, she always knew that she was in the fashion universe. When she was little, her great desire was to become a professional dancer. However, an injury prevented the girl from following that path and rediscovered her vocation on the catwalk.

She is originally from Arizona and is part of the prestigious IMG modeling agency, which also includes the sisters Bella and Gigi Hadid, and the top Kendall Jenner, among many other stars of modeling.

In 2015, the young woman briefly left with Justin Bieber. Although the relationship was short, today they are still friends. Then, the top model said it was very difficult to be in a relationship with someone in the industry, and that it was difficult to find someone to share their values.

Top covers for Hailey.  Marie Claire Italy, May 2016 and Elle Japan, July 2017

Beyond her personal life, the cachet of the model has not stopped climbing to match her colleagues and friends like the Hadid or Kendall Jenner. But his career in the world of fashion has just begun. Little by little, brands call her thinking that she can become the successor of her catwalk companions.

Baldwin has already starred in several covers and editorials of the most important fashion and lifestyle magazines in the world, including Elle (Spain, UK, and Japan editions); Marie Claire Italy; Wonderland and Harper’s Bazaar (editions of Turkey and Australia). Despite having had several publishers in Vogue, until February of this year the model had never managed to be on the cover of “the fashion Bible.” That changed in March when she was portrayed by Liz Collins for Vogue Turkey. The honor of starring on the cover of Vogue Turkey was shared with the model Valentine Rontez.

Hailey is today considered one of the great promises of the fashion industry. It is called for the best parades and catwalks in the world and dazzles with its poise and its magnetism, which highlight each design to the maximum. He stepped on a catwalk for the first time with the English giant Topshop in 2014 and from there he climbed Moschino, Tommy Hilfiger, Dolce & Gabbana, Zadig & Voltaire, Off White and Bottega Veneta.

J daub the top model with vitígilo Winnie Harlow, today’s latest campaign starring Tommy Hilfiger.

” They open the way for the next generation of Tommy women, facing their challenges with safety, dedication, and optimism.” These qualities and shared values encourage me to welcome our family, they are the most desired models of the moment, they are becoming future icons, captivating its audience with its powerful strength and inner fire, ” said designer Tommy Hilfiger on the choice of the new faces of his brand.

Hailey Baldwin on the Topshop runway at the London Fashion Week, her fashion week debut in the British capital

The millennial has in its circle close to Gigi and Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Barbara Palvin, Doutzen Kroes, Alessandra Ambrosio, Rosie Huntington Whiteley, and also the recent creative director of Louis Vuitton, Virgil Abloh, whom he congratulated for his new position: “Nobody deserves it anymore,” he wrote.

And if one’s own style, Baldwin’s dress is very diverse and difficult to define. It can be seen through the streets of Los Angeles, New York, Paris or Milan with outfits with rock, sporty, formal and bright airs, but always setting trends and hand in hand with the best brands.

Recently, in addition to the campaign for the American giant Hilfiger, is the protagonist along with Barbara Palvin of the new line of printed T-shirts of Fendi called “Pop Tour”, inspired in the nineties. In strident colors and accessories and clothing with palm trees, the two girls of the moment were selected by Karl Lagerfeld to be part of their brand.

Dolce & Gabbana was another brand that trusted in Baldwin. In the last fashion week of Milan, he was part of a fashion show inspired by millennials. She wore a tunic made of net and gauze with lace details on a corseted bodice and short set. In a report for the magazine Glamor, she confessed that she was very nervous before the show and shared an anecdote: “After I saw the pictures and I was holding my breath all the time”

The beauty and care of the body and the face of the beautiful model does not only have to do with genetics. It is usual to see it with an effect makeup ” no makeup ” since it prefers a cleaner skin and not with the much cosmetic product on the face.

Within his fitness routine, the millennial practices pilates and boxing with a personal trainer and occasionally when he can take dance lessons. In turn, it encourages its followers to have a healthy life, which ensures that it can be achieved only by finding an activity that will entertain them.

As for food, breakfast for Hailey Baldwin is essential. Eggs, proteins or smoothies are your priorities when preparing the first meal of the day. For lunch, a salad with vegetables and fish is the ideal dish, and one of their favorites is the Kale Caesar with croutons, but at the time of dinner, gluten-free pasta is a weakness that is not deprived.

Friends and social networks

The sisters Kendall and Kylie are intimate friends of Baldwin, as are Bella and Gigi Hadid. The same blonde revealed that in each meeting they have, in addition to talking about personal issues such as new partners or gossip, they always – inevitably – end up talking about work. Among them, they advise, flatter and share the projects they have in the future.

They usually share nights in the best clubs in the cities where they are and are the center of attention of all the paparazzi. They have lunch and dinner in the top restaurants and go shopping in the most exclusive shopping centers and avenues.

Hailey Baldwin with Winnie Harlow, Alessandra Ambrosio, Jasmine Sanders and other models in the backstage of Julien MacDonald of London Fashion Week (Grosby)

” I do not consider myself famous, I see myself as a normal person with a job that is not very normal, my work life is very public, but I try my best to maintain my privacy,” said Baldwin.

On Instagram, the 21-year-old millennial has more than 12 million followers. He adds between 500 and 1 million “likes” in each of his publications, where he receives encouraging messages from his fans, although there are always those who seek to criticize . But she says she ignores the trolls and only concentrates on her followers with positive messages.

Getting around on a bike and charging for it, Holland’s new idea against cars

The Dutch government negotiates with companies to start paying employees 0.19 euros for each kilometer daily that they circulate by bicycle from home to work, an incentive to further reduce the use of the car in the Netherlands.

“My ambition is to ensure that people can easily go to work, to school, to see family or friends, and the bicycle contributes significantly to accessibility, livability, and health, reducing traffic jams and making room for people who have no other choice, “explained the State Secretary, Stientje van Veldhoven.

The Ministry of Infrastructure and Water of the Netherlands has set itself the goal of removing 200,000 drivers from the roads and thus increasing bicycle traffic with the year 2040 as the target.

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In a statement, Van Veldhoven explained that seeks to “stimulate cycling” and attract additional travelers to the bike lanes: “I want us to make 3,000 million kilometers more by bike,” he proposed.

According to official figures, more than half of the trips by car in all the Dutch territory are less than 7.5 kilometers per day, a “good distance to make by bicycle”, according to the Ministry.

“I do 18 kilometers each way and another 18 kilometers back home, for me to be able to ride a bicycle is a marvel,” says Alberto Brines, an engineer at a Dutch company in The Hague and resident in the neighbor. Leiden.

For him, this means of transport allows him to “take the time to exercise and be healthier” and at the same time use a “safe way to move because you do not run the risk of being run over”, insists Brines, who remembers that Holland has “a great network of bike lanes”.

As a regular cyclist traveler, he explains that the companies in which he has worked in the Netherlands are “all prepared for the employees who come to the office by bicycle because they have showers, changing rooms and indoor parking”.

In addition, in a relatively small country, more than half of the workers live less than 15 kilometers from their workplace, which, for the laziest, is a distance “easy to cover, even with the help of advanced electric bicycles “whose use increases in this country year after year, according to Infrastructure.

The objective is to implement this economic incentive before the end of the summer.

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The Ministry is, among other issues, negotiating with national big employers, multinationals operating in the Netherlands and SMEs, the way in which “existing tax regulations can be used optimally” and thus offer incentives.

As an example, Van Veldhoven has indicated the allocation of 0.19 euros per kilometer traveled by each employee and the reimbursement of the price of a new bicycle, something that some Dutch companies already offer.

The Dutch government allocated 100 million euros this year in the budget to accelerate the construction of bicycle lanes and, above all, to innovate or build bicycle parking lots near public transport stations.

The lack of parking is becoming increasingly evident due to the increased use of electric bicycles or cargo bicycles, which are larger than traditional bicycles.

Another measure that is being promoted by the Dutch Government, and which municipalities are implementing individually is the departure of motorcycles from the cycle lanes and their transfer to public roads and roads, with the obligation to wear a helmet.

This will reduce bicycle jams at rush hour and the risk of an accident on the bike lanes.

Before the glaciers of the Rockies melt, a man documented them in a plane

In a book with 177 images, Garrett Fisher recorded the marks of the global increase in temperature over the ice masses of the great mountain range of North America. Without losing beauty, the glaciers show the damage suffered so far

Garrett Fisher is a financial advisor, but also a pilot and a lover of nature. Moved by these passions he made his book Glaciers of the Rockies, on the masses of ice in the great chain of mountains that crosses North America from Canada to the southwest of the United States, in New Mexico. As in other geographies, they are affected by the increase in global temperature.

“Although there are different perspectives on the subject, there is no doubt that the glaciers are disappearing, ” he wrote there. “What we can do about it depends on the will of society, however, I think it is extremely informative to look at the object in question while we decide what can be done.”

In truth, few people have physically seen a glacier; much less the legislators and the officials who in their country and in the world will have to make the decisions that can preserve them, or not. The extension and difficulty of the land make it difficult. “That’s why I’m grateful to have access to a plane, which made everything possible during the summer of 2015, which consequently makes it possible for me to share it with the rest of the world,” Fisher added.

Entering the Wind River range in Wyoming, the consequences of the rise in temperature are already evident.  (Photo courtesy of Garrett Fisher)

His plane is a small Piper, the same model in which he flew for the first time at two years, and in which his grandfather gave him flight lessons in childhood, and in which he obtained his pilot certification. Now he has a PA-11 that he has taken throughout the United States and throughout Europe to follow his second passion and photograph nature.

His airplane, of 1949, has a motor of 100 horsepower that yields half when it reaches 4500 meters of height and weighs a little more than 350 kilos. But it reached so that it crossed, in solitude, a wild landscape that registered in its book by means of 177 photos.

Fisher took out each one – plus all the ones he did not select to publish – with one hand, manually opening the door in the middle of fierce winds, which filled the cabin with a cold, precisely, glacial, since the Piper has no heating. In Colorado, in Wyoming and in Montana – where it is expected that as soon as 203o some glaciers have been completely lost – he repeated the operation.

From the Rockies National Park to the Wind River Range, from Grand Teton National Park to Yellowstone, it traversed the glaciers through the air, vast masses of ice moving under their own weight, beneath which lie the traces of a preterite Earth. But that, due to global warming, they can disappear sooner rather than later.

The Dinwoody and Gooseneck glaciers also show melting marks.  (Photo courtesy of Garrett Fisher)

Since 1994, worldwide, glaciers have lost more than 400,000 million tons. In particular, some in Antarctica, such as the giant Totten, and some in the Arctic, such as the Peterman and others in Greenland, could increase the level of the seas by up to three meters.

The work of Fisher – who also published Where the Colorado River Is Born, Field of Dreams: American Agriculture from the Sky and Wild and Free: Horses of the Outer Banks among more than a dozen titles – began with the location of the glaciers in a map. Defined where you had to think about when.

“I made the decision early on that I’d rather see them at the annual thaw because while glacial features are interesting under fresh snow, they are even more interesting when the cyclical snow melts and reveals what lies beneath, ” he wrote. That perennial ice, he confirmed, was the greatest spectacle.

“I’m totally resigned to them disappearing, basically I ran to see them before there are no more, ” he told The Guardian. “It’s a little bleak that our planet is entering the unexplored territory,” he added.

The secrets of Wroclaw, a magical city where gnomes are the protagonists

In Poland, there is a locality “invaded” by tiny sculptures of little men. With more than 180 different statues, it became a new and peculiar tourist attraction

In Poland stands the city of Wroclaw, which has a surprising peculiarity, as it brings together dozens of tourists eager to see the gnomes who “live” in its streets. And it is that small sculptures of little men are scattered throughout the city.

The city was for a long time German and was known under the name Breslau, or in Castilian Wroclaw, and today it is known as Wroclaw.

The tourists, have as their favorite activity find the largest number of gnomes distributed throughout the city.

It was in 2001 that the small sculptures were set up in different corners of Wroclaw (Getty Images)

The city plagued by gnomes has nothing to envy in beauty to the other locations of Poland, which can be compared even with the capital Warsaw and the second most important town in the country, Krakow.

Wroclaw is full of those tiny sculptures. They are found in corners, windows, bridges, emerging from the sewers, in the doors, or simply erected in the main square.

There are more than 180 statuettes of bronze gnomes scattered throughout the city. With different expressions, each one is doing different activities, from playing golf, kissing, teaching or even making fun.

It’s origin

The gnomes of Wroclaw have their origin in the resistance and social protest against the authoritarianism of the communist government in the 80s. While the government eliminated all the graffiti that would be with criticism of its government, the movement of the Orange Alternative painted gnomes in the same places where the government had covered those graffiti using humor as a sign of protest.

On the other hand, the phenomenon of the gnomes is based on the Polish characters of the “krasnoludek “, a series of goblins that fight the bad luck product of the evil duende of the Oder. They have as their task to neutralize the actions of the villain of the gnomes.

It was in 2001 when the government decided to honor the figures that are nationally recognized as wise and duty and thus was installing the statuettes of the gnomes in every corner of the city.

Today they are already considered small and funny, and visitors from the world come to “hunt” the different gnomes all over the city and in this way they know the locality of Wroclaw in a different way.

Thus, the different tourist spots that stand out of the city such as the Plaza Mayor, the Hansel and Gretel houses or the Cathedral of Santa Isabel have a unique distinctive thanks to the tiny sculptures.

Sofia Coppola: Second woman to win in Cannes

She is the second director in the whole History of the Festival that takes home this award.

Like Father Like Son. Sofia Coppola, daughter of the great director Francis Ford Coppola, it is clear that he has inherited the gift of his father. The director has made history by winning the Best Direction at the Cannes Film Festival, something historic, as it had only been achieved in the distant 1961, Yuliya Solntseva, for ‘ ‘ The epic of the years of fire”. Sofia could not be present at the gala and thanked “her support for films directed by women.”

Image result for Sofia Coppola: Second woman to win in Cannes

It has taken 56 years for a female filmmaker to win the Best Direction award at the Cannes Film Festival. Sofia Coppola, daughter of the mythical Francis Ford, has made history by winning it again with the movie The Seduction, a film of love and desire located at the time of the American Civil War and starring Nicole Kidman.

Coppola, author of titles as prominent as The Virgin Suicides or Lost In Translation, won the Cannes jury, which was chaired by director Pedro Almodóvar. A woman who stands out in a profession that, as you can see, has always been dominated by men. Undoubtedly, this award will hopefully continue to open the way because talented directors, we have many.

Sofia Coppola: Surrounded by stars

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‘The seduction’ is the sixth feature film by Sofia Coppola and is based on the novel by Thomas Cullinan, the story was taken to the big screen in 1971 directed by Don Siegel and starring Clint Eastwood. Now the filmmaker, 46 years old, has told, in addition to Kidman, with Colin Farrell, Elle Fanning, Coppola has been the star of a Cannes festival where we have been able to see.

The best and the worst in the dress of the actresses. The film will arrive on August 18 at Spanish cinemas so we will have to be careful to see this film that looks very good. We hope that with this award we will not have to see again 56 years for a woman to receive the prize.

“Project Rampage” prepares to destroy its rivals at the box office

The premiere this weekend of “Project Rampage”, the new destruction and chaos film of Dwayne “La Roca” Johnson, promises to annihilate his rivals in the undercard and win the number one box office.

Johnson embodies in the film a primatologist who maintains a special bond with George, a gorilla of extraordinary intelligence who becomes a huge and savage creature when exposed to a gas from a catastrophic genetic experiment.

That threat adds to the presence of a wolf and a crocodile that has undergone the same mutation and that make the US on the stage of a huge battle, while the protagonist tries to get the antidote to reverse the transformation of animals.

Image result for "Project Rampage" prepares to destroy its rivals at the box office

Naomie Harris, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, and Malin Akerman complete the cast of this film called to raise about 40 million dollars (32.3 million euros) in its debut, according to industry estimates.

The other big premiere of the week is “Truth or challenge”, a horror movie with touches of black humor directed by Jeff Wadlow (“Kick-Ass 2: With a pair”, 2013) and a very young cast in which appear, Lucy Hale, Tyler Posey, and Violett Beane.

The film tells how some friends, during a vacation in Mexico, enter a diabolical game in which they must overcome twisted tests if they want to survive.

The comedy “Overboard” and “Borg vs McEnroe” also arrive in theaters.

Image result for "Project Rampage" prepares to destroy its rivals at the box office

In “Overboard”, the Mexican Eugenio Derbez gives life to Leonardo, a selfish and capricious “playboy” who belongs to the richest family in Mexico, while Anna Faris plays Kate, a single and hardworking mother who has been hired to clean the millionaire’s yacht

“Borg vs McEnroe”, meanwhile, narrates the rivalry during the 1980s of tennis players Björn Borg and volatile John McEnroe.

Katy Perry and Ryan Phillippe: Next romance?

Katy Perry and Ryan Phillippe have had a great time at a party organized by Elton John. Do not miss because they sparked.

It seems that Katy Perry that being alone is not going much. Apparently, the singer and actor Ryan Phillippe flirted during Elton John’s birthday party on Saturday, according to rumors that several media outlets pick up. There are several images that indicate that something happened between them that day. We will see if it is confirmed or was simply a rollete.

Katy Perry and Ryan Phillippe: Next romance?

Katy Perry is about to release her second single, Still Feel Like Your Man, but she took a break to attend Elton John’s birthday party. We already know that as he does on the night of the Oscars, his parties are well known and nurtured by celebs. On this occasion, among the guests was one of the beau and fantasy of many during the nineties, the attractive Ryan Phillippe, who for obvious reasons, is very good, caught the attention of the singer. To us, we are like Justin Timberlake.

Apparently, the singer was shocked because even at one point Ryan laid a hand on Katy’s knee, according to a source citing Hollywood Life. So the night must have been entertaining. Everything indicates that the actor liked his blond hair, the artist’s new look.

Katy Perry and Ryan Phillippe: Loving Past

Image result for Katy Perry and Ryan Phillippe: Next romance?

It must be remembered that Ryan, a former husband of Reese Witherspoon, ended a five-year relationship with model Paulina Slagter last year. Perry also recently ended a romance with Orlando Bloom, so they are both single and can do whatever they want.

It seems that Katy is close to surprise us with an unexpected relationship, not because of the speed, but because of the famous one in question. We’ll see if this time it lasts longer. What is clear is that lately, she is on fire, since last week she announced that she had done “something more than kissing” with other girls.